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What is new in SAP BusinessObjects Mobile 6.1.x for ANDROID

Here is an outline of the features delivered with latest versions of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile for Android (referred below as ‘MOBI’ in short).

MOBI 6.1.7:

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile app for Android version 6.1.7 is a patch release, available in playstore since Feb 18, 2015

Below are the capabilities delivered with this version:

1. MOBI now supports Android 5.0 Lollipop.

2. MOBI SDK enhancements to support side-by-side installation:

MOBI SDK now supports usage of custom package name. This allows Customers to change default package name of MOBI and be able to install their customized build in the device, alongside the MOBI appstore build.

Following post details out the steps to configure SDK build environment:

Mobi Android SDK setup using Android Studio


MOBI 6.1:

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile app for Android version 6.1 has been released during end of Q4, 2014.

Apparently Playstore does not allow us to view ‘What is new’ text on previous versions of the app. Here is a reference of new features that are available since MOBI 6.1 release (version number 6.1.6) in Android:

1. Revamped Homescreen:

MOBI homescreen has been revamped completely, to provide better user experience.

  • User can navigate his BI documents conveniently using category navigation panel

  • User can organize document listing using various grouping options, toggle between Grid and list view upfront from secondary toolbar.

NOTE: Toggle List/Grid view is available only for tablet device. MOBI supports only listview in Phone.

  • Pull-down gesture in homescreen refreshes document list from server.


  • Both, downloaded document and documents available in the server are seen with unified listing now.

The option ‘Show only downloaded reports’ option allows user to view only the documents that are downloaded to the device.

Download status is differentiated by an actionable icon.


  • Single tap access to document info and contextual/action menus of the document.


2. Support for multiple document download:

MOBI now supports background download of documents.

User can tap on ‘Add to home option’ of multiple documents, without having to wait for sequential download and continue with other actions in MOBI

3. Download document ‘instance’:

‘Add to device’ operation now downloads both base document and latest instance of the WebIntelligence document, for offline viewing

4. Support for nested category view:

  • MOBI supports Nested category navigation, to resemble launchpad structure. Following screenshot illustrates the same.
  • This can be done by adding a client settings property ‘feature.home.category.nested.enabled‘ in server


5. Notification panel:

Support  for new Notification panel to manage document updates conveniently.

NOTE: Notification alerts appear when  MOBI is running in foreground in the device and user is logged in to the connection.

Needs a manual homescreen refresh (pull down gesture on document list screen) to receive new notifications if any. Notifications are also fetched during Login workflow.


6. Auto-update documents on Wi-Fi:

  • Auto Update on Wi-Fi feature automatically downloads document updates/new instances when the application is active
  • Support for Auto-Download of Inbox documents: This option also downloads WebI documents from user’s ‘BI Inbox’ to the device for offline viewing.
  • The option can be enabled in application settings page as shown below


7. SAP BI URL Enhancements:

  • SAP BI URL enhancements to Share connection details via share option in connection page
  • SAP BI URL enhancement to share document context via eMail (retaining section and page navigation)


Note that Sl No 8 to 11 below are applicable only for WebIntelligence content

8. Personal View enhancements:

  • Personal view now records Drill operation on WebIntelligence document
  • Retains table actions (except for Apply Filter operation)
  • Retains last selected prompt values
  • Retains last navigated section
  • Displays update alerts if base document is modified. User can update personal view to reflect this change

9. Table enhancements:

  • Support for Table level filter: Use ‘Apply filter’ operation on table columns, to filter out required data values in the table
  • Support for Table auto wrap: MOBI respects wrap text format set on the table of Web intelligence document


10. Geo map with default filter view:

You can configure default filter value of  a Geo-map document now, with a special syntax


11. Hyperlink support in freecells:

You can configure hyperlink in the Freecell to be displayed in even in Phone, using new parameter named ‘url’ in the cell configuration syntax.

[Syntax: =“<a href=\”laction://cell? attachedto=’Block 1’&valign=’top’&halign=’left’&url=’‘\”>My Hyperlink</a>”]


12. Performance improvements:

  • Performance improvements in online viewing of Web Intelligence document having multiple report tabs
  • Performance improvement in downloading Web Intelligence Document having multiple/large charts
  • Web Cache support in MOBI for viewing Analysis Applications (Design studio documents): MOBI caches resources from Design studio documents when it is opened for the first time. Hence subsequent viewing of any Analysis application, sharing common resources is faster

Link to MOBI documentation on SAP help portal: SAP BusinessObjects Mobile for Android – SAP Help Portal Page

Do let us know if you need any clarifications..

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      Former Member

      hi Vishwanath,  SAP Mobile BI IOS SDK provides SDK to embed analytic views (Web Intelligence reports and Dashboards) supported by the SAP BI application inside your own custom mobile applications, while Android SDK does not provide such sdk. I would like to know if there is any plan or roadmap to support this interface in Android SDK?

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi 吉 明伟 ,

      Currently it is not planned with any release in near future.

      What is your current usecase like?

      Can you raise this in SAP idea place? It helps us to review alongwith customer votes and decide further into product backlog.