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Preventing Goods movement and confirmation to Process/Production Orders using System status

This document has been prepared with collaboration with Prajeesh V while finding a solution on restriction of goods movement in TECO.

The intention of the document is to Prevent Goods movement and confirmation to Process/Production Orders using System status.

In the area of Production Planning and Control in SAP, Production/Process Orders are those which controls the execution of the Production activity. They form the part of Shop Floor control that define which material is to be processed, at which location, at what time and how much work is required. It also defines which resources are to be used and how the order costs are to be settled.

During execution of the Production Order, system/user statuses are activated for the Order according to the business transactions carried out. These statuses inform the user that a particular function was carried out. This document will help to understand how setting up certain status for a production order can prevent some specific business transactions to be performed on the Order.


1. Purpose

Production orders or Process Orders are used to control Production within a company and to control cost accounting.  The place where Production processes are carried out is referred to as Shop floor.  An extra check can be implemented for Production/ Process Orders in Shop floor Control to prevent misuse of goods movement and confirmation when the status of the Order is Technically complete(ending the orders from a logistical viewpoint)


2. Problem

Standard SAP allows Goods Movement & Confirmation even when system status TECO is active for the Order. User can perform a goods movement or confirmation of an Order which has a system status TECO. This may create confusion during month/ quarter end while doing the settlement & variance calculation. It will lead to financial & audit implication.

This is applicable for PP-PI (Process Order) & Discrete (Production Order) Manufacturing when TECO status is set in the corresponding order.


3. Resolution


3.1  System Status, User status and Status Profile

System Status


A system status is a status set by the system. It informs the user that a particular function was carried out on an object. You cannot influence a system status in any way, that is, it cannot be directly deleted or changed.

User Status


A user status is activated by the user and can be created as an addition to the existing system status. You can define and activate any number of user statuses. To define a user status, you need to have created a status profile, which is created per order type.

Status Profile

A status profile is created in customizing per order type.

Within a status profile you can

  • Define user statuses and document their function in long texts
  • Specify the expected sequence of user statuses by assigning a “status number” to each user status
  • Define an initial status, which is automatically set when the object is created
  • Specify that a user status should automatically be activated, if a certain business transaction is carried out
  • Allow or forbid certain transactions, if a status is active


3.2  Implementing the solution

The Process/ Production order system status is controlled in Transaction code BS22. The system status TECO is used in Order management in many areas for example in PP, PM, CO (Internal order) etc. Changing Configuration in System status to prevent Confirmation & Goods movement in TECO status will affect all the above.

To allow Minimal impact on system, we can use User Status to control the same. There should be two User statuses for this.

  1. INITIAL (to be set at the creation of Order or Revoke TECO is done)
  2. TECO (to be set when system status TECO is set)

The User status TECO should prevent Goods movement & Confirmation of Order

The TECO User status is automatically set when the order is Technically Completed (when system status is TECO)


3.3 Major Steps to be followed

  • Creation of Status Profile
  • Define  User status
  • Assign the Status Profile to Order type

3.3.1 Creation of Status Profile

Transaction code BS02


Click on New Entry and key in the required details


Status Profile ZTECOSTA is created.  Proceed further by clicking on view .

Under the newly created status profile, User status needs to be created.

3.3.2 Creation of User status

Creation of user status INIT

Under the newly created status profile, user status needs to be created

The details for the new user status INIT are entered as shown below


Click on  Object types and  Select Process Order and Save and click on back


Go to the details of the Status profile in BS02 transaction



From the list of Business Transaction, select Set radio button for Revoke Technical Completion. Save


Creation of user status TECO

Define the user status TECO under the already created Status Profile ZTECOSTA


Go to details of the new user status

Select the Business transactions as indicated below


Save the Status Profile.

BS03 transaction will display the created status profile ZTECOSTA which will prevent Goods Movement.

3.3.3 Assign Status Profile to Order type

In CORN/OPJH transaction (Change Order type), chose the appropriate Order type  and assign the status profile



4 Usage in Production/Process Orders

On creation of Process Order user status INIT is set


On Technically Completing Process Order user status TECO is set


5 Conclusion

SAP allows posting for the Order even if the Status TECO is set that denote end of Process Order from a logistical viewpoint. This may not be desirable for the business in most cases. Activating user status in Process Orders helps in avoiding situations(posting to Order) that can adversely affect business from a financial/ audit viewpoint.

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      Author's profile photo akshay kokate
      akshay kokate

      Good document ...appreciate the efforts you put in .

      Author's profile photo Vitchenko Olena
      Vitchenko Olena

      Dear experts,

      I would have a question to the mentioned here user status:

      we set up in the client system 2 user statuses (similar as it is described above) and one of these statuses does not allow to post a goods movement in the confirmation (client requirement). We receive also an info message telling (when going to Goods movement in COR6N) that the status which prevents Goods movement posting is currently active and the posting will not be done. This is fine like this,  but we recognized that by performing same action again (go from COR6N to Goods movement-->Go back to the confirmation screen-->go to goods movement) this information message is not shown anymore and DESPITE the user status, which prevents posting of Goods movement, they are posted!!

      Do you know, where this can be controlled and what can cause the issue?

      Thank you very much in advance!

      Best Regards, Lena