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Fleet management : Steps for monitoring of fuel consumption

Hello to everybody,

These are the basic steps for monitoring of consumption in the fleet management using PM (Plant Maintenance) module.

It is not very common to use these functionality, so I think that this guide will be useful.

You can follow these points:

1- Units of measurement – CUNI transaction

Imagen 1.png

A) Choose dimensions

SURFACE: Consumption / Activity : i.e. : Liters / 100 km

SURINV: Activity / Consumption: i.e. : Km / liter

VOLFLO: Volumetric caudal : i.e. Liters / Hour

B) Once you have chosen your dimension, let’s créate the unit:

CUNI -2.jpg

Inside convesion area, conversión is done between entry unit and exit unit, in terms of:

  • Simple formula: (if numerator and denominator is enough):


        N * Unit in T006 table = Z * IS (International System of Units) unit

        i.e. : 100 *  centimeters = 1 * meter

                 1 * hour = 3600 * seconds (as the example above)

  • Complete formula :

      valor in IS unit = (Z/N) * 10 **E (T006 valor unit) + K


      Kelvin              Fahrenheit

      273,15 = (5/9) *10 **0 * 32 + 255,3722

2- Fleet management customizing

These are the customizing points:


The interesting points are:

– Define Special Measurement Positions for Fleet Objects

spro 1.jpg

We select the group units, depending on whether the unit belongs to SURFACE, SURINV or VOLFLO.

– Define Calculation Method for Fleet Consumption Values

spro 2.jpg

We add the unit in the corresponding calculation method.

3- Fleet master data

A) The first point is to create characteristics in CT04 transaction for Distance, Fuel and Time

i.e. TIme:


B) The second one is to add the counters at the vehicle in IE02: Distance, Fuel and TIme

contadores vehiculo.JPG

In vehicle master data (View. “Vehicle technology”), define the calculation method for the monitoring of consumption.

i.e. : 1 (Usage volumen / distance)

vehiculo datos maestros.JPG 

C) In IFCU transaction, we créate measurement documents for the previous vehicle


After various measurement documents created, we can see consumption information. The easiest way to reach this information is through vehicle master data in IE02:

Button “Measuring points / Counters”

vehiculo 2.jpg

Click with the mouse on the counter you want to see the infor related and click in button “MeasDocuments”

vehiculo 3.jpg

You will see these screen

vehiculo 4.jpg

Execute the report and will show all the measurements related to these vehicle:

vehiculo 5.jpg

Also you can see an evolution graph with the button “Measurement Document Graphic” (Ctrl+Shift + F9)

vehiculo 6.jpg

Moreover, you can see more info at the vehicle master data in IE02 at the calculator button:

vehiculo 7.jpg

vehiculo 8.JPG

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      Author's profile photo joan mas
      joan mas

      Hi Raul,

      thanks for sharing. There´s not much documentation around on the subject. Good one.



      Author's profile photo Sadin Mihran
      Sadin Mihran

      thanks Raul for shearing our knowledge



      Author's profile photo Joshua Cuevas
      Joshua Cuevas

      HIĀ  one question, once the document are registered on the IFCU the transaction can generate an inventory movement to decrease the inventory affecting the Accounts and cntable data?