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Day16-Yasar’s Sabbatical / RACI and the Crunching it All in Factor!

In an actual work environment, due to the senior and subordinate relation, some of the things get done without questioning. In some way, there is limited democracy after all in the workplace. There comes a point, the manager or the leader decides on something, and all are there to follow then.

But then, there is the RACI concept.





I may be responsible with a task, but someone else can be the ultimate accountable person for the top-level deliverable.

I believe, in social sabbatical context, or whether you are a social entrepreneur or a start-up owner, establishing some level of governance, if not overly exhaustive, is crucial.

In instances, where resources and especially human resources are limited and where also people may have cross-over / overlapping functions, it is especially critical to define the one who holds the ultimate accountability.

These are some of the basics in a project, but remember, we are talking about a rather unstructured environment and therefore, connections are a bit loose among people on a RACI level, but emotionally very strong. Things get done out of love of what you are doing, but there is no harm putting a bit more discipline although if things are getting done somehow. A startup will eventually, and hopefully, be a grown-up and it occurred to me that the name of the game in being a scalable organization starts from having a start-up setup with a grown-up attitude! This is fundamentally key and from my experience, it is essential for success, and particularly sustainable success.

Take this social sabbatical program for example. Everyone is equal, yet we all have tasks to deliver. How do we go beyond a state of love affair towards our project which in turn creates moments of ecstatic people willing to deliver something, and establish a more professional working environment with a clear RACI type of setup?

Well, it is hard… it is a completely different ball game!

One thing to consider for all social sabbatical future candidates…

Don’t over do it, but also don’t think the word ‘social’ makes it any less difficult than a project of another nature, if not I just call it anti-social 🙂 or un- or non-social (if there is ever such a word 🙂 ).

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