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Checklist for Scheduling of Analysis for Office Workbooks

Hi all,

This is just to inform you that we released the SAP note 2134836, which contains a checklist for scheduling Analysis for Office workbooks in BI platform.

The note contains important information for those who want to install the AO BIP ADD-ON and start to schedule Analysis workbooks. It also shows how to debug some issues and how to avoid them. Below are some of the topics mentioned on the note:

  • Pre-requisites and installation procedure of AO BIP ADD-ON;
  • Precalculation restrictions;
  • Checking the installation of AO BIP ADD-ON;
  • Checking the registry settings to confirm that you have the .NET versions required for scheduling;
  • How to check and download the latest version of AO BIP ADD-ON;
  • How to check whether the SSO is working fine between BIP and BW system (this is one of the pre-requisites for scheduling);
  • How to check the Instance Manager and collect the log files for the failed jobs.

We strongly recommend you to check the SAP note which can really help you and avoid issues when scheduling Analysis workbooks from BI platform.

Please do not hesitate to leave your comment here in case of any questions or concerns about this topic.

Filipe Zeuch
SAP Active Global Support

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      • Well,

        if I wanted t to size the SAP BI 4.1 server and have also this add-on installed for Scheduling Analysis MS Office workbooks, which adds a service to the Adaptive Job Server in the CMC, then what should I do to get an adequate sizing?

        Should I look at the number of concurrent jobs for Analysis Workbooks I expect this add-on to run and then plug this number into the quicksizer as Active Concurrent Users for Analysis for OLAP? The sizing for SAP BI does not take into account Analysis MS Office as far as I am aware, because.. the work is done in the workbook (similar to old BEx Analyzer).

  • Hi Experts ,

    I am trying to use the advanced Analysis for scheduling the excel workbook with BW data.

    The result set is large therefore existing BEx workbook is not showing the complete data .

    When I am trying to execute the report using Advanced analysis , warning message appear as “Size limit of the Result set exceeded”

    Can you please let me know what is the limitation of existing advanced analysis in terms of  number of cells /memory  ?

  • Hello Filipe

      Thanks for your post. We have completed all the items in the checklist but still cannot schedule an Analysis workbook from BO 4.1. I created the workbook using Analysis 2.0. When referring to the log we see an error message saying:

    Error during scheduling; OLAP connection is not an SSO connection


        m_eventID: 6490907150303395840

        m_detailID: 2

        m_detailType: 1

        m_detailText: Scheduling error. Workbook version is not supported.

        m_detailBunchID: 1

    The connection that we are using is an SSO connection and I am able to refresh the workbook through Analysis without userid prompt. I am using BW authentication to login to BO.

    Any thoughts? Do I need to save the Analysis workbook in 1.x format for this to work?


    • Hi Bhavin,

      Thank you for the feedback. Regarding your question, the answer is yes.

      Since there is only AO BIP ADD-ON 1.4 version, you can only schedule workbooks in 1.x format.

      Please try to schedule the 1.x format workbook and let us know in case the issue remains.

        • Hi Bhavin,

          I am not aware of a planned date for AO BIP ADD-ON 2.x version.
          This information is not mentioned in the SAP note below, which is related to the release schedule of Analysis for Office:

          1518359 – SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office & BIP Add On Release schedule

    • Hi Rama,

      The AO BIP ADD-ON is only available for Windows. This is because one of the prerequisites for the installation is that the Microsoft .NET Framework must be installed on the machine.

      In this case it will only be available for Windows operating systems.

      • Hello Filipe,

        we are running BIP on Linux, because IT-department wants to have a homogenous OS-landscape over several different SAP products. I know that Analysis Add-On is only available for OS Windows, but is there a kind of workaround to separate the scheduling on a separate windows-server and keep the core BIP on Linux?

        Kind regards,



        • Hello Thomas,

          If all else fails another option would be to have the workbooks precalculated on a windows machine without BIP, simply by “remote-controlling” Analysis for Office, saving the result, and uploading it somewhere. This is possible using VSTO programming via the API macros of Analysis for Office.



        • Hello Thomas,

          You can have only one Windows machine with Analysis Office BIP Add-On installed where you have also an AdaptiveJobServer installed. You can use this server to schedule your workbooks and keep your core BIP on Linux.

          Kind Regards,