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Debugging Custom Script in Integration Gateway

Note: There is a known issue in this approach. Hence this will not work. I will update once it is fixed.

Some of the features that can be enabled using custom script in Integration Gateway (IGW) are: modify the requests and responses of an Odata request, handle delta token , multipart and composite WSDL support, and SOAP authentication. There are many examples in SCN on how to write custom script in Integration Gateway. In this blog I am explaining how to easily debug the script using IGW’s eclipse based tooling.

From SMP SP06, debugging of custom script written in JavaScript is possible (Groovy supports in future). I have created a simple project using the WSDL High level details of the project is given below. Here I am not explaining how to create a project but I am explaining how to debug the script used in the project.

Odata Entity:

ScreenHunter_36 Feb. 24 23.40.jpg

Custom Script written under function processRequestData

  //Import statements








   //Getting value from header

   var context = message.getHeaders().get(“odatacontext”);

   var City = context.getRequestHeaders().get(“City”).get(0);

   var child = new LinkedHashMap();

   child.put(“key:City”, City);


   return message;

How to start debugging ?

  • Open prop.ini file of SMP server (C:\SAP\MobilePlatform3\Server)  and add the property -Drhino.debugger.port=9123

      ScreenHunter_36 Feb. 24 18.40.jpg

  • From eclipse, click on down arrow next to debug menu and choose debug configurations.


If debug menu is not visible: Go to Windows > Customize Perspective. “Navigate to Commands group visibility” tab. Then select “Launch” option in the Availability Command Groups and click OK.

  • On the new window opened, provide below details:


  • Navigate to Source tab and provide the path to the script file and click on Debug.


  • Open JavaScript file and set a break point as given below.


  • Execute the Odata service from a rest client by passing City as header along with Authorization header.

ScreenHunter_36 Feb. 25 00.00.jpg


  • It triggers the break point set in the Javascript. To see the data send from rest client (ie. City) add Expression String(child) as given below. If Expressions tab not visible: Go to Windows > Show view > Expressions.

ScreenHunter_36 Feb. 24 23.59.jpg

Regards, Midhun

SAP Technology RIG

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  • Hi Midhun,

    I have been doing this configuration, just 1 question as you are mentioning the host for script debuggin as localhost this is valid if the servcie is hosted on the same machine as Eclipse is, if remotely working then the host will change and equivalent port.

    Any insight on that ? It will be really helpful.



  • /
  • Hi Midhun VP,

    I am getting error " Error occured while launching : Connection refused "

    Added the line in props.ini(-Drhino.debugger.port=9123)

    I am using same system for server and eclipse and tried with SP07 PL03 and SP08 both are giving same error.

    Would you please let me know if something else needs to be done ?

    @ Jitendra Kansal  : Did you get it working?  I am facing the same issue you commented above..


    Bheerendra Sahu

  • Any update regarding this method? I understand this is the only possible method to debug my javascript custom code for the service to be deployed in SMP3.0

    Is there any other way? Perhaps debugging the code directly in eclipse?


    • Hi Vicente,

      The solution to this issue would be available soon as a patch.

      Another, better option is to use a code snippet that records the logs in SMP server as mentioned in this blog:

      More specifically under the section "How to debug".

      Regards, Midhun

      SAP Technology RIG

  • Hi,

    This solution has worked for me, both eclipse and SMP are on the same system. Also please make sure that you select the project name before activating debugging.