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What PD articles would you like to see in the ISUG-TECH Journal?

The Independent SAP Technical User Group (ISUG-TECH : Welcome to ISUG-TECH) publishes a monthly Journal, which currently has zero PowerDesigner content. We have several authors lined up to write articles for the Journal, but what shall we write about?

  • What topics would you like us to delve into?
  • is there a feature of PD you’d like to have explained?
  • do you want samples of automation and / or customisation?
  • how about information on the types of model you don’t use? If so, which ones?
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  • I also posted this on the “Sybase PowerDesigner Users” Linked In group, and there are some interesting replies there – please take a look.

    If someone has already mentioned a topic you’re interested in, please mention it again so we can gauge the level of interest.

  • This thread is very busy on Linked In, where we have enough ideas to keep us going for several months.

    I’d still like to hear from inexperienced or recently-experienced PD users about the things they found trickiest when learning PD. We could write about those, to help the next generation of newbies. For example, by far the most popular item on my blog tells you how to add existing relationships to a diagram, which you might think is trivial, but it doesn’t work the way you might expect if you’re used to other tools.

      • That and ‘Show Symbols’, plus holding down the shift key when dragging from the Browser, to prevent Graphical Synonyms being created.

        I know they’re simple techniques, but they weren’t immediately obvious to me in 2005, fresh from 9 years using Oracle Designer. 🙂

        • OK, you make it sound hard when really it is just different. I remember that almost 15 years ago when I learned it. Once you know, it is a pretty cool feature.

          -Matt C.

          • You’re right, it’s not hard once you know how.

            By the way, I’d prefer it if the default action when dragging a relationship was the opposite, avoiding the creation of graphical synonyms whenever possible; pressing the SHIFT key would force the creation of graphical synonyms rather than prevent it. That way, you drag a relationship to include it with the minimum impact on the diagram.