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SAP Mobile Platform Server 3.0 SP6 – What is new ?

We are pleased to announce that SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (SP06) was released for download on SAP Service Marketplace on Friday, February 20th.

We are delivering new capabilities in the following three big areas:

Integration with non-OData sources, Expansion of Fiori capabilities and Out of the box readiness for production Deployment.

The enhancements for “integration with non-O-Data sources” are the support of clustering of the integration Gateway. This allows customers now to also scale out and run in high availability their mobile solutions based on integration gateway. Additionally we have enabled single sing-on authentication mobile solutions, which are leveraging the integration Gateway.

We also continue with our enhancements around enabling features for mobile Fiori apps. Additionally to the already existing offline capabilities we offer to the Fiori mobile application we now also enable offlining attachments. With this feature customers can also store media content offline so that the user can work with it offline. This could be images, pdf or other media files with more product details for example. Furthermore we added support for SAP web dispatcher as a reverse proxy. This enablement can simplify the landscape for a lot of customers who have the web dispatcher already deployed, as they can reuse this now for the mobile deployments as well. For details on this please check the PAM.

Finally, we are using a new embedded administrative database for developer and other non-production installations of the SMP Server Runtime.  We have replaced Derby with the developer version of SQL Anywhere for these non-production configurations.  Additionally, we have also added SQL Anywhere as an option for productive use, making the complete list now HANA, SQL Anywhere version 16, ASE, Microsoft SQL Server (both 2008 and 2012 versions), Oracle 11, and IBM DB2.  You can consult the SMP PAM on Service Marketplace for details (SMP3 PAM (access to the Service Market Place is needed)).

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