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Process Integration 7.4 AEX Advanced Adapter Engine Extended on standalone SAP JAVA Installation and Configuration


  • Software Download
  • Software Upload
  • Hardware and Software Requirement
  • Other Requirement
  • AEX Configuration
  • Post Installation Activity
  • Optional Activity


·       Software Download from MarketPlace



NW 7.4 SR2 Java 2/2

NW 7.4 SR2 Java 1/2

NW 7.4 SR2 Language 2/2

NW 7.4 SR2 Language 1/2

SAP Kernel 7.42 AIX 64bit

NW 7.4 SR2 Installation Export

ORACLE Client V2

Oracle RDBMS AIX 64bit 8/8

Oracle RDBMS AIX 64bit 7/8

Oracle RDBMS AIX 64bit 6/8

Oracle RDBMS AIX 64bit 5/8

Oracle RDBMS AIX 64bit 4/8

Oracle RDBMS AIX 64bit 3/8

Oracle RDBMS AIX 64bit 2/8

Oracle RDBMS AIX 64bit 1/8

NW 7.0 Presentation – 7.40 Compilation 1 Present. 1



         File system of the target System:

·       In this case you can have a new system or already used system from your landscape


  •       All the ports should be open stop the archive.
  •       You need to have sufficient space so that you can take the backup of some important directory of existing system(if required by the business )
  •       You need to have root access  to complete the installation
  •       Upload your Software and give full permission.



  • Please refer the Master Guide to get the detailed Software and Hardware requirement.
  • Check the PAM at for OS release.
  • For general information on AIX OS read SAP Note 1972803
  • For Oracle database distribution RAID5 is recommended by SAP.
  • Please check RAM, paging space, swap space, Version , kernel parameter, OS patches, Additional Software , Hostname
  • This parameter mentioned in Master Guide are very important, if these parameters are not as per Master Guide you can’t start the installation process.
  • After the entire prerequisite you can start the process.

           Extract SWPM Software downloaded from Market place

         /SAPCAR -xvf SWPM10SP06_6-20009697.SAR -R SWPM/

  • Create the TEMP, TMP, and TMPDIR Directory before starting installation.

·       Start SWPM






  •    Then you can select Oracle database Installation type






  • You can check the parameters for Advance Oracle Configuration.
  • In my case I have followed simple installation






·       Select an option for usage of SLD





  •    Check all the parameter again and verify the inputs. Once confirmed then chick “NEXT”


  •   Installation of oracle 11g


  •         Run the Script to complete the Oracle Installation







#if %{REMOTE_ADDR} !stricmp [AND]
           #if %{REMOTE_ADDR} !stricmp ::1
           #RegIRedirectUrl ^/webdynpro/resources/sap. com/tc~lm~itsam~ui~mainframe~wd/(.)*$ /nwa/remote_access_error [<SID>]


  • Now restart the system



·       You set the required permissions for sapstartsrv and sapuxuserchk in the /<sapmnt>/<SAPSID>/exe, and /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/SYS/exe, and /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/<Instance_Name>/exe directories as described


  • Now install a new license






·       Check the Technical Data, Extended User Management, Adapter Configuration



Cretae Business System to solve the error


  •   Checking the AEX Configuration

            ·       To check whether the configuration was successful, perform the following steps:

            ·       Check the user names and roles:

  1.    Go to the Application Server Java start page at: http://<host>:<port>/startPage.
  2.    Choose User Management.
  3.    Search for the user names that you specified in the configuration wizard.
  4.    Choose Roles and check whether the UME roles were assigned.
  5.   Appropriate roles must be assigned to all users.
  6.   More information: SAP Note 1435392





  • 1435392 – PI CTC: SLD Configuration after PI AEX initial setup



  •         Check the SLD configuration:

       a.     Enter https://<host>:<port>/sld .

       b.     Choose Technical Systems .

       c.     Select  Technical System Types: Process Integration . Check the existence of the following five entities:

               i.          Adapter Engine on <SID><DB Host>

               ii.          Domain <DB Host>

               iii.          Integration Directory on <SID><DB Host>

               iv.          Integration Repository on <SID><DB Host>

               v.          Integration Server on <SCS Host>

     Check the registration of a business system for the Integration Engine Java in the SLD:

               vi.          Enter https://<host>:<port>/sld .

               vii.          Choose Business System Integration Engine Java <SID> Integration .

               viii.          The pipeline URL must be: http://<host_fully_qualified>:<port>/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?ximessage=true .

  • More information: SAP Note 1435392
  •        Check the Java system properties:

               a.     In the SAP Netweaver Administrator, choose Configuration     Infrastructure     Java System Properties.

               b.     Choose Services and check XPI Service: AII Config Service.

               c.     The property should have the value AEX.

               d.     Also check that the * properties contain the correct user names.


  •   Check the content import:

      a.     Go to the PI start page: https://<host>:<port>/dir/start/index.jsp .

       b.    Start the Enterprise Services Repository (ESR) and log on as PISUPER.

    Check whether the import of the SAP Basis content of your release was successful


  • SLD Patching




S     Select CIM First




         ·       Then select CRDelta And Upload the Files




                     Configuring Online Help for the PI Tools on AEX

  • .   Start SAP Netweaver Administrator and choose Configuration Infrastructure Java System Properties .
  • .   Select the Services tab and search for Service XPI: All Config Service.
  • .   Under Extended Details, search for the property .
  •     Enter the URL that points to the SAP Help Portal, for example / for the documentation of EHP 1 for SAP Netweaver Process Integration 7.3.
  • .   Under Extended Details, search for the property .
  • .   Enter the language, for example EN or DE.






       Configuring Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (PI-AEX)





·       To update the Oracle optimizer statistics, perform the following:

1.     Execute the following commands as the ora<dbsid> user:brconnect -u / -c -f stats -t system_stats;

brconnect -u / -c -f stats -t oradict_stats;

     2.  Execute the following commands with SQLPlus:

          SQL> exec dbms_scheduler.disable(‘GATHER_STATS_JOB’);

            SQL> exec dbms_scheduler.disable(‘ORACLE_OCM.MGMT_CONFIG_JOB’);

            SQL> exec     dbms_scheduler.disable(‘ORACLE_OCM.MGMT_STATS_CONFIG_JOB’);

·       For Oracle 11g, also execute the following command:



·       Configure Java IDoc Adapter

·       Configure CTS – SAP note 1287108


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