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My 1st NHL Data Viz – Teams Analysis


With the big announcement this week that SAP and the NHL were now partnering on the page I figured what better opportunity given I am home for the first Saturday night in a month than to kick the tires and see what we could do with it! I will be brief with any analysis as to be honest I know little about hockey.  But a fun excercise and like all things Data I now want to learn more about hockey.  Well – as long as it doesn’t interfere with the NFL or NBA too much! 🙂

Lumira Cloud: NHL Team Stats Analysis

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As for my analysis I am always most interested in aggregate stats like Win% and Net stats like Net Goals and Net Shots on a Per Game/Team basis.  Overall pretty linear when it comes to Win% and NetGoals per Game played.  Net Goals vs Net Shots is a bit more interesting as you have teams like Montreal and Calgary that have fairly signficant positive goal differential but look real bad in the NetShots department.  I will hope they have goalies that are exceptional and to use the parlance of hockey ‘Stand on their head’ to help their team deflect shots.  More research needed in this area but an interesting start to say the least!!!

Win% and Net Goals per Game Played by Team

Win Percentage and NetGoals per Games Played by Team.jpg

Net Goals and Net Shots per Game Played by Team

Net Goals and Net Shots per Game Played by Team.JPG

Last lil Viz I looked at was Win% Trailing After First Period.  The NY Islanders are exceptional in this category with a 70% winning percentage trailing after the first period.  As in hey we are trailing after the first period – YES this means we win! The next closest result to that is Nashville with a 53% winning percentage when trailing after the first period.  17% is a pretty significant difference considering Nashville overall is a bit stronger as a team as compared to the Islanders on paper.  The islanders have by far the highest Net Shot differential per Game at 5.8 so may be a correlated stat.  At this point I don’t know enough about hockey to say one way or the other but LoveTheViz!!! Note: This shall be by new tag line…!

Winning % Trailing After First Period and Net Shots per Game Played by Team

Win Percentage Trailing After 1st Period and Net Shots per Game Played by Team.JPG


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