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Simplified: SAP BW 7.4 and 7.5 Release Notes

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Hello Fans of BW,

it has been a bit of a challenge to find out what has changed with a new SAP BW release or what features were introduced with certain support packages. In general, the most essential changes are described in the solution and product roadmap and corresponding webinar sessions at (SAP BW is under “Database & Technology”).

On a more detailed level, you will always find the changes completely documented in our online documentation “What’s New – Release Notes” page at or This area describes all new features, enhancements to existing features, changes to existing features, and – in some cases – also features that have been deleted. When we publish a new support package, then the online documentation will be updated accordingly. Naturally, the higher the support package, the less changes will be included.

If you ever tried to get a complete overview – for example for SAP BW 7.4 from SP 0 to the current SP – then you will quickly have noticed that it’s quite cumbersome to browse though all the pages, click, click, click.

We often get the question, which features are just available with SAP BW powered by SAP HANA and which also work on other platforms. Did you know for example that about 60% of the new features and enhancements are also relevant for non-HANA systems (as of 7.4 SP 11, the count was 87 of 149). So there are plenty of reasons for all customers to upgrade to 7.4 or 7.5!

Or you would like to know what exactly was changed for a particular component in SAP BW like Business Planning. Or you need to know the differences between two support package levels…

And this is where I have come up with a simplified solution: Drum roll… A consolidated spreadsheet!


The spreadsheet contains all release notes for 7.4 and 7.5

  • By support package
  • By component
  • With links to the documentation
  • A short description (so you don’t even have to click the links)
  • An indicator whether a feature is new, changed, deleted, or an enhancement
  • A flag for HANA
  • Of course you can filter, sort, and search quickly (no problem for you Excel Wizards, right?)

The magic of spreadsheets makes it possible to answer all those questions in a matter of seconds. For example, if you want to know what’s new for OLAP but does not require HANA, just filter component on “BW-BEX-OT-OLAP” and HANA-only on “No”. Or you can find out quickly the difference between for example SP 6 and SP 8. It’s simple and easy and should be a great help for you, customers, partners, and of course our own field organization.

The first version of the spreadsheet has been published as an attachment to the “SAPBWNews” for BW 7.40 SP 11 which you can find in SAP Note 2100895. Going forward, an update spreadsheet will be included with the corresponding SAP Note for each support package.

I hope you like the new format but nothing is perfect. Please let me know any feedback or if you have ideas on how to make it better.

Marc Bernard

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  • Idea is great, but why aren’t you having such a table online at

    I mean, download information, save it somewhere and perhaps on the very next day it is obsolete…

    The design of Fiori might be the solution you should think about it 😉


    • Thanks for the feedback, Florian! I agree, it makes sense to have the information available online instead of a spreadsheet. But people just love Excel and the release notes are valid forever ;-). Anyway, I will look into your suggestion.



      Product Management SAP EDW (BW/HANA)


        Hi Experts,

        I am not able to find any Docs / Info over the internet about the SAP 7.4 on Sybase.

        Currently I am working for a new client where as he is having BW 7.4 on Sybase. + BOBJ (Source System is ECC)

        Version Details:-

        SAP BW 7.4 SP9 + BOBJ

        Source System : ECC 6 SP9

        And i am requesting any one to provide the solutions for the questions beneath

        1. What is the best Landscape in this situation to deliver the reports as per the requirements ?
        2. What are the settings need to do post installation of BW 7.4 ?
        3. Any settings for BOBJ too ?
        4. Any possibility to Deliver the Analytical Reports directly in BOBJ from ECC System without BI 7.4 system ?
        5. Can i use BW datasource and develop BOBJ reports?
        6. Do we have Open ODS view in 7.4 on Syabase ? If YES , can i use this Open ODS view in BOBJ directly ?
        7. How to display these Analytical Reports in EP Portal !!

        I worked on BW 7.1,7.2 and BW 7.5 on HANA , As i am new to this BW 7.4 and installations also not happened yet. Need to give a demo to user about the Analytical Reporting and the available tools we have in the client location are SAP Netweaver BW 7.4 SP9 + BOBJ and Sorce System ECC 6.

        Kidnly Help/Sugegst

        Best Regards,

        Ramu Mannava

        • Hi Ramu,

          your questions are completely unrelated to this blog. Since you have experience with BW 7.5 and other releases, you already know how BW 7.4 works (almost the same as BW 7.5). This is really not the place to discuss the rest.

          Product Management SAP DW


  • Marc,

    I just discovered this blog. Brilliant job – it was so very confusing to try and find something at 🙂



  • Hi Marc,

    I’ve one issue in which process chain steps not proceeding further from one to next step, we’re randomly facing this issue, I’ve checked all basic checks like background process availability but no luck and I am working in BW 7.4 system.

    Looks like application bug and it will be great if you can share relevant note for this.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Hi Casper,

      sorry for the delay, I’m on baby leave ;-). I just attached the updated spreadsheet. It might take a little bit to replicate to all servers.

      Product Management SAP EDW (BW/HANA)

  • Hi Marc,

    Congratulations for the baby.

    I like this, thank you. I have done a similar project for a client who wanted to know how frequently HANA revisions were being released to decide the patterns and HANA maturity. I had attached two more columns that I found useful and would like to see in your spreadsheet;

    1) OSS note number for the released version – including a link

    2) The release to the public date

    Thank you


  • Hello Marc!

    Thanks for this great initiative!

    Could you kindly add the updated consolidated spreadsheet for BW 7.50 SP03 in note 2258731?



    • Hi Sebastien,

      there are no changes or enhancements in 7.5 SP 03. The next big update will be with SP 04.

      Product Management SAP HANA DW

  • Hello Marc,

    Nice to see this Blog, Great Initiative.

    Can you please add Updated Consolidated Spreadsheet for SAP note 2280438 – BW 7.5 SP 04.




    Hi All,

    We are doing a inventory implementation in SAP BW on HANA 7.5 SPS4.we have created a calculation view for master data and we need to join the transaction data with master data in separate calculation view but we are not able to find the non cumulative key figures in external view of ADSO.

    Can you please help us in this regard.


    Prasad V

  • Hi Marc, this is very useful.
    Please can you add the latest version of the spreadsheet to the note for BW 7.4 SP17 (note 2365926) – it is missing on that one.


    Many thanks,


  • OK so to confirm my understanding 7.5.0 will work on AnyDB but with a subset of features only and your spread sheet shows the features that work on HANA or AnyDB.

  • Dear Marc,


    Thanks for your blog.

    We are working on SAP BW 7.5 SP 11.

    We are starting to investigate on the HANA decision modelling to optimise our existing BW dataflow.

    I have a question, can we manage everything requirements only with the calculation view ?

    What would be the specific needs that we could not managed with calculation view and for which we would need attributes view or analytical view ?

    What are the things that we coud only do in attributes or analytical view that we could not do in calculation views ?

    Many Thanks