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Error Invalid string or Buffer length while transfering data from Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to SAP HANA

Hello all ,

Below is the datastore and data flow of my scenario where data is to be transferred from Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to SAP HANA using SQL transform .




While executing the above JOB i’m getting the following error:-


Please help me with this issue

Thanks in advance,


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    • Hi Julie ,

      Couldn’t able to open the link you have provided , may be the webpage is unavailable . Please provide alternate way to find the solution.

      • Hi David,

        Are you being prompted for a s-user id? This is because KB articles are only accessible for clients with a valid SAP Maintenance contract.

        Please explain what you mean by “couldn’t open the link you have provided”.


        • Hi Julie ,

          I have read the KB article . My problem is not with HANA connection . Its with fetching data from Microsoft SQL server 2008 . Mean while i tried a sample job of the same above mentioned scenario from Microsoft SQL server 2008 to Flat file and i got this error shown below.


          So now i think that problem might be with the datastore . If so provide me the datastore configuration for Microsoft SQL server 2008.

          Please do the needful.

          Thanks in advance,

          David king .

  • Hi David,

    Looks like a 32 bit DSN is trying to contact a 64 bit application.

    Can you please check if the ODBC DSN is created from the following 64 bit location


    If it is created from the odbad32.exe application under System32 folder under Windows then it can cause an issue


    Arun Sasi

  • Hi all ,

    Sorry for updating this answer very late.

    seems like its a bug in BODS 4.1 . My job server is Linux so cannot use the database type as SQL SERVER 2008 instead use ODBC .


    David king.

    • You can still use SQL Server 2008 R2 as database datastore as SQL Server Authentication is supported with Data Services on Linux Platform


      Arun Sasi