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Best Practices and Additional Visualization Options for SAP Design Studio ASUG Webcast Part 2

This week we had an ASUG webcast covering Best Practices and Additional Visualization Options for SAP Design Studio with Visual BI’s Ingo Hilgefort, who is a SAP Mentor and an ASUG Volunteer. Part 1 is Best Practices and Additional Visualization Options for SAP Design Studio ASUG Webcast Part 1


Figure 1: Source: Visual BI

Visual BI will have a suite of extensions in 4 main areas shown in Figure 1

They have 30 additional charts; the list will grow to include drill down, export, print, and open up properties to detail configure them

Right now Design Studio does not have any mapping out of the box.  Some have add-on solutions. Visual BI has 2 mapping solutions: integrated maps for bubble and heat maps and a location analyzer to go to longitude and latitude

Third is a set of filters. Filters are focused on time based filtering and learning.  You can define threshold values – if product has an X value and start filtering there

Developer focused components include HTML script, JavaScript, Search, tool tips and menus. These are elements for the dashboard and include rapid prototyping scenarios


Figure 2: Source: Visual BI

Figure 2 shows an overall summary of the chart extensions.


Figure 3: Source: Visual BI

Figure 3 shows a chart that has a feature to create a plot band or chart.  You can highlight certain items in a chart.  You might want to highlight a chart or season in your chart that the user may want to question


Figure 4: Source: Visual BI

This extension includes integration with maps due to longitude and latitude

Figure 4 shows a Z-axis with the map on left, select multiple states and you will see a chart with selected values along another measure along another dimension


Figure 5: Source: Visual BI

These are the time based selectors and a grid box

You can filter on months, years, quarters and select multiple values

The most important part of selectors is they allow you to select a custom format – you can specify how it is sent to underlying source, saving you scripting

The next part of the webcast included demonstrations which you can see here:


Figure 6: Source: Visual BI

See the link above to access a 30 day trial or Download your 30 Day Trial from Visual BI

Question & Answer

Q: Leveraging a universe prompt appears to have very limited functionality in Design Studio – am I missing something?  We are on v1.4.

A: Prompts are limited right now‑

A: For a dashboard does not recommend prompts‑


Q: Is Data selectors for chart available in Design Studio 1.4

A: Data selection for charts is available in Design Studio 1.4


Q: When will Gauzes available in Design Studio

A: There are third party extensions for gauges‑


Q: Does the map extension allow us to use maps at the county level?

A: Sounds like he is addressing this now – yes‑

A: Location analyzer on their side‑


Q: is it possible to highlight forecast bars dynamically?

A: Right now have to script that‑


Q: How does using extensions impact the performance of a dashboard?

A: performance of dashboard is more based on underlying data source, number, and how loaded and overall what doing in dashboard; not because of extension‑


Q: Are the maps integrated with ESRI or other map services?

A: No, not ESRI – first example is integrated maps, second one is open source called Leaflet. Not have to buy mapping software‑


Q: Would offline mode be available in later versions?

A: A start to offline is planned for Design Studio 1.5‑


Q: Any plans to add comment functionality to DSX Suite?

A: Right now, no, good reason is DS 1.5 will have commenting out of the box (planned) ‑


Q: does period selectors allows you to select custom fiscal year (i.e. different stat and end month)

A: Right now it does not; looking to add at second release before SAPPHIRENOW


Download your 30 Day Trial from Visual BI

BI 2015: A technical guide to integrating SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 with SAP ERP, SAP BW, and SAP BW on SAP HANA

For ASUG members the webcast recording and slides are at URL: logon required)

Please consider joining ASUG on Monday May 4 for a hands-on session with Design Studio, Lumira, Analysis – see ASUG Pre Conference 2015 – Analysis Office, Lumira, and Design Studio

See: Upcoming ASUG BI Webinars – February 2015 (Part II)

Next ASUG SAP Design Studio Webcast is March 18:

Building Real-Time Visualizations with Design Studio and SAP Event Stream Processor

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