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Time Sheet in SuccessFactors Employee Central: demonstration

SAP recently released the Payroll Time Sheet functionality for SuccessFactors Employee Central. Last year, I recorded a demo of the Time Off functionality in Employee Central and so I decided to record a demo of the Time Sheet functionality. Some technical details of how the Time Sheet functionality can be found in the Payroll Time Sheet handbook (S-user required) and in the blog SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Sheet and Time Valuation by Ram Dodda.

The Payroll Time Sheet is typically only used by the employee. It does handle standard system workflow approvals that can touch many people, including managers and HR administrators among others. The result of time valuations are designed to be sent straight to payroll.


In this video I am logged into Employee Central as Emily Clark where I look at the Time Sheet module and enter some regular time and overtime, as well as look at how the time valuation data looks.


The Time Sheet functionality is simple and easy to use. It handles positive time management and overtime calculation and the valuation data can be sent to payroll. Since it is built on the Metadata Framework it means that configuration and maintenance of the system is straightforward, as well as there being scope for improvements to the solution.

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  • Hi Luke,

    Very informative demo.can you tell me where the time evaluation happens in SF? I mean is there separate screen where you perform the time evaluation activity like PT60 in sap hcm?Logic is more or less same i believe. No of hours are divided based on time type which can help configure separate rules for payment.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with everyone.


      • Oh Thats interesting 🙂 How about the days where no timesheet is submitted by employee till the time of payroll. What will system consider for those days? Will those days be paid or considered as Leave without pay? and next period when back dated timesheet is filled by employee it will consider as Retroactive accounting?

        Might be a stupid question but i am new to SF timesheet.



        • For days where the time sheet is not submitted and sent to payroll nothing is paid.

          When back dated time sheets are sent there is a retro calc by payroll.

          Data is stored in IT2010 in the EC Payroll / SAP onprem payroll.

  • Hi Luke,

    good video. If you configure the time valuation results as "UI component" then the Overtime pay types as well as pay types for paid absences / holidays etc. are displayed directly in the "Totals section" and in the Submit-pop up.

    If employers don´t want to bother there employees to differentiate between working time / overtime than there can be a setup where the employee only records working time time type and after a certain threshold (8hours per day / 40 per week or whatever) the system calculates automatically the overtime portion.

    • Hi Volker,

      Thanks for adding this valuable information for readers! I maybe should've configured multiple scenarios and done 2 or 3 demos to show all the functionality, but time isn't always on my side 😉

      All the best,


  • Hi Luke,

    Thank you for the nice video.  What I am bit confused about, is that being familiar to CATS the purpose for time reporting is also to allocate time between different projects for cost accounting.  In this video it looks like a Payroll purpose only.  So, can both purposes be covered in one go?  I cannot imagine an employee being happy to fill in time report twice and for different purposes.



    • /
    • Hi Paulo,

      CATS is cross application. EC payroll time sheet concentrates rather on HR and feeds only payroll. Hence no projects or WBS elements. However, time recording to devianting cost centers can be done. There is a cost center split and an algorhythm that applies even for the weekly overtime calculation.
      The hours, pay type and cost center are sent to Infotype 2010 in the EC Payroll or SAPonprem Payroll and Payroll does the rest.

      Cost Centers are available in EC via a standard integration.

      Best regards


  • Hello All,

    I am trying to configure Time Sheet in the instance, however I am cannot find the Employee Time Sheet object in the Configure Object Definition. Am i missing on something. Is it a custom object that needs to be configured.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,


  • Hello Aadil,

    have you switched on the time sheet in provisioning? Make sure you switch on the EC time sheet, there is another provisioning switch that deals with 3rd party time providers.

    Best regards


  • Hello Volker,

    Thanks for your reply, I have checked this now without changing the provisioning settings. Now The Employee Time Sheet object is showing in the Configure Object Definitions.

    I guess that it takes time for all the settings to appear in the system.

    Thanks for your reply again.

    Kind regards,

    Aadil Bhat

  • Luke,

    Does Integrating Time Sheet with Biometric or third party application is available at this point of time through API or ODATA or CSV import through webservice?



    • Hi Om,

      Integration is possible through the OData API. Whether it can be integrated with a biometric application depends on the scenario.

      Best regards,


  • Hi everyone!

    Does anyone have the request from customer to implement timesheet in SF for accounting purposes? I mean, to book hours againd WBS and Orders and so on?

    Is still only an option to have it on-premise?

    Thank you in advance!


    • Hi Giulia,

      It could be possible to use Payroll Time Sheet for this. It depends really on how you want to have approvals, as one person approves the entire timesheet (i.e. different time types can't be approved by different employees).

      Best regards,


      • Hi Luke,

        thanks for the prompt reply.

        Well the requirements are that the employee books hours against internal orders and the relevant responsible of internal order is in charge to approve.

        Do you think is it possible to arrange something like this? What about the Internal order masterdata?!

        Thanks alot in advance.

        Best regards,


        • Not possible. The time sheet as a whole is sent to approver, not single time records. So, there is 1 approver for all time sheet records.

          You got the requirement that probably 10 different internal order approver for one time sheet week need to approve the 10 different records. Not possible.

          EC Time Sheet is not a CATS.

          Best regards


          • CO Elements? Like Cost Center? Cost Center can be pulled from SAP HR System. If you need something else you can create custom fields in time sheet that refer to a custom MDF object. You need to load the objects into this MDF object and they are available in the Time sheet custom field. Custom field content is stored with the employee time record. But there is no pre-built integration from time sheet to a CO-System. So you need to call the employee time API, pull the data and bring it into the CO-System. This is the theory 😉

            Tricky part could be to create a filter in the MDF Object, so that for example not all internal orders appear in the custom field value help but only those the employee is assigned to.

  • Hi everyone,

    This session is really helpful. Can someone help me with a query related to the same topic please? We have tried importing the data using externalsegment and was successful when we have given the duration as 9 or 8 hours. But, facing some challenges to upload "start" and "end" times. Can you please let me know which template has to be used for start and end time upload and how?


    Thank you so much in advance


  • Hi,

    We are implementing EC on our organization during this year and we have doubt on the solution Success Factors provides for Time and Attendance. Does EC have an available Time and Attendance Solution or do we need to use go with SAP Partner WorkForce Software? What is the difference from SAP Partner WorkForce Software and the Time and Attendance Solution within the EC suite?



    • Hi Santhiel,

      EC has native Time Management that can be used. Depending on the complexity of your requirements then SAP Time & Attendance Management by WorkForce Software might be more suitable.

      Best regards,


  • Hi

    I have a situation in time off.

    My client wants this scenario to be made possible in successfactors.

    1. Sick Leave – if an employee goes for a sick leave for 90 days for example, the first 30 days is paid and the next 30 days is 50% paid and the anything above 60 days is unpaid. Can we have a rule defined like this.


  • Hi Luke/ All,

    Nice video and informative.  We have an issue, if an employee submits the time sheet with multiple time types (Say three time types:  Project: 4 hours, AMS: 2 hours , Operations: 2 hours)for a total of 8 hours in a day. After submission some time type is missing and shows only 4 hours in total.  What could be the reason.  Could you please shed some lights?



  • Dear Ram,

    In on-prem time evaluation, there is a concept of approved overtime - in which the time evaluation schema can be configured to compare the approved hours vs the time clock overtime hours.

    Do you know if similar concept is similar on SuccessFactors Timesheet too?