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Accessing tables from different schema through AMDP.

Dear All,

Recently we have started working with ABAP on HANA and day by day we are getting more challenges, so one of my best part I am sharing here….

I got a business requirement which was very interesting, the data has to be taken from  different schema’s table which is SLT replicated.

We are executing report from BW on HANA system.

Below I am presenting summarized code, hope that might be useful for ABAP lovers…..

Report Parts :

1. Selection On Date and Division Number from VBRK & VBRP (Data to be pulled from cross Schema).

2. F4 help for Division Number(Data to be pulled from cross Schema)

3. Display Output

Before that introduction of  AMDP ABAP Managed Database Procedures – Introduction

Class :

Definition –


Implementation –

1.We can point schema tables like “RD2.VBRP” or RD2.VBRP.

2.If you want to access current schema tables then you can add tables in ‘USING’ clause.


Program :


      Output :




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