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How to know which user is BPC Service User – BPC NW 10.0/10.1

As you know, BPC Service User is very important because some tasks are done by BPC Service User instead of BPC User you logged on. For example, when you process dimension, there will be a job created by BPC Service User. If SAP_BPC_SERVICE role is not assigned to BPC service, you may encounter errors.

You want to know which user is your BPC Service User. Normally, people often use BPC_SERVICE as the BPC Service User. However, the BPC user name may be different depends on what user you created.

Now, let’s see how to find our which user is your BPC Service User.

  1. Execute transaction code SPRO.
  2. Click SAP Reference IMG->Expand Planning and Consolidation.
  3. Click Execute button next to Set Global Parameters.
  4. Find field name RFC_DESTINATION and remember the value of this parameter. (If this parameter is not maintained, you need to maintain it by following the BPC installation guide.)
  5. Execute transaction code SM59.
  6. Expand ABAP Connections folder.
  7. Double-click the connection with the same name in step 4.
  8. Open tab Logon&Security.
  9. The user maintained here is the BPC service user.

By the way, to trouble shoot the BPC issue, after step 7, I suggest you perform Connection Test and Authorization Test by going menu Utilities->Test.

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  • Hi Charlie,

    This is a really useful post. I accidentally changed BPC_SERVICE password, which caused issue. Using this post, I was able to change password and then restored what was broken, RFC communication

    However, now, I am having issue with process dimensions. It states that it is due to BPC authorisation. So I am not sure except RFC connection password for BPC_SERVICE. Where are the other places that I need to set BPC_SERVICE with the new password. Please advise.

    Error message is below:

    “the ABAp program executed in this step (here UJAA_PROCESS_DIMENSIONS)

    – the corresponding parameter (here &0000000000252)

      If this field is empty, then program UJAA_PROCESS_DIMENSIONS does not need
    any parameters.

    – the name of the user with whose authorization program



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    Process dimension error log.PNG