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Free SAP Training on SAP EPM Rapid-deployment solutions !!

Announcing the EPM RDS Academy for 2015!

To register, click the following link:   Updated Registration Link Here

Training is available:  March 9, 2015
Your registration will lead to an invite to a SAP JAM cloud page

EPM RDS Academy – Training modules (1Q 2015):

  1. Introduction to the EPM RDS Academy 2015
  2. Introduction to SAP EPM Rapid-deployment Solutions
  3. Mastering the SAP Extended Financial Planning Rapid-deployment Solution
  4. Mastering the SAP Financial Close & Disclosure Management Rapid-deployment Solution

EPM RDS Academy – Features:

Easy to fit into your schedule

  • 24/7 access to content
  • Virtual, on-demand:  train when YOU have time
  • 5-15 minute chapters, organized in a natural order
  • Follow a training calendar OR skip around and train in any order
  • Re-train at any time –  on-demand (eg. while at an implementation)

Supported by EPM RDS experts

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions with RDS experts
  • Ad-hoc support by phone, email, and/or JAM forum

Provides a flexible & friendly format

  • Voice over presentations + voice over demo
  • Short/focused sessions
  • View online or offline
  • Supported by optional hands-on exercises

Test your knowledge

  • Final exam available at the end of key modules

EPM RDS Academy – 3 Training tracks available

Calendar-based training track

  • Kick off training on March 9, 2015 – runs through May 2015
    • Note:  Free-form training available at same time and after May 2015
  • Follow training calendar
  • Retake the short training modules at any time
  • Support  options:
    • Learn from other consultants:  participate in optional LIVE weekly Q&A session
    • Email, Jam forum, or request one-on-one call

Free-form training track:

  • Take the training when you want, in any order you want
  • Support options:  email, JAM forum, or request a one-on-one call

Hybrid training track

  • Take the calendar-based approch for some training, and
  • Take the free-form approach with other training
  • Support options based on the other two tracks

EPM RDS Academy – Intended Audience:

  • SAP consultants & partners desiring to learn about EPM RDS solutions
  • SAP consultants & partners implementing SAP EPM RDs solutions
  • Customers or other interested parties that desire to fully understand the EPM RDS solutions
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