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SAP on IBM i – Update week 7 2015: Critical PTFs required when upgrading to IBM i 7.2

We would like to direct your attention to some Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs) that must be installed on IBM i 7.2 to avoid damage to your database tables. These damages have occurred in some cases when saving the SAP database library after upgrading to IBM i 7.2.

To avoid these problems, please install the PTFs PTFs 5770999-MF59611, 5770999-MF59686 and 5770999-MF59687 on your system right after upgrading to or installing IBM i 7.2 and before performing the first backup. These PTFs are marked as “high pervasive” and included in 720 Group Hiper (SF99719) PTF group level 25.

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  • Christian,

    Great post!  Keep passing along this kind of information.

    FYI.  We applied these 3 PTFs before running first OS 7.2 backup.  We still got “damaged objects” during backup.  IBM is actively working to fix the issue.  2 more PTFs I think.

    The upside, the data is NOT damaged in most instances.  First recovery attempt is CPYF to new copy of file (not sure CRTDUPOBJ replicates the damaged pointer).  If that fails, recovery the object from backup taken just prior to v7.2 upgrade, then apply journal receivers to bring the data current.

    – Bill

    • We had the same problem with the damaged objects during the backup – (4 objects on 2 instances)  We also applied the 3 PTFs before OS 7.2 upgrade.

      CPYF would have worked to save the data,  but was taking a very long time 3+ hours for 10GB and file was 245GB.  -IBM was able to use a tool to change some header file – Not really sure what they did but Message we received in qsysopr message queue was Storage at address was changed.

      DATA is good and files were available for backup.

      The two test ptf’s are still not GA released yet – MF59831 and MF59833



      • Brian,

        Good info.  Do you have a PMR under which IBM ran their tool to fix the header file so we can reference it and have them do the same for us?

        IBM released to us the 2 new PTFs not yet GA’d.  Our backups ran with no damaged objects since we applied them… until last night.  A new damaged object.  🙁

        – Bill