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SAP Fiori Lessons Learned 18.

System Aliases definition for Fiori


I see many projects face issues for running Fiori launchpad and Fiori apps because the basic settings were wrong. If basic settings are wrong, you will waste long time for troubleshooting. Do the right thing in the beginning .

One of the setting is the “System Alias” definition. Please compare your settings with this settings.

help: Creating System Alias for Applications – SAP Fiori for SAP Business Suite – SAP Library

IMG: Manage SAP System Aliases in the frontend server (Gateway server)


Hub deployment: 2 servers = frontend + backend.

Hub deployment is the recommended option for productive use.


  • LOCAL : Set the Local GW on.
  • BACK_1 : Specify the TRUSTED RFC destination. Do not set any flag.
  • BACK_PGW : This is used for My Inbox(New) and Approve Requests (old) apps. Set the For Local App on. Software version is /IWPGW/BWF

Embedded deployment: (1 single server = frontend components are installed on backend)

Embedded deployment is used often for sandbox test system.

If the landscape is Embedded deployment, everything goes to LOCAL.

Please let me know if this setting is wrong. I always work on hub deployment and do not have enough experience on embedded deployment.

You can define like Hub deployment but RFC destination (SIDCLNT100) points to local.


Activate OData services. Transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE

After Fiori installation, OData services are not activated. You won’t see Fiori services in the initial screen. Select Add Service.


Specify the System Alias and select Get Services.


Select the service you are going to activate. Assign package for transport and Add Service.

When the service is activated, SICF service for OData is generated.

Check the assigned System Alias to the service:  Transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE

You can check assigned system alias.

UI related services.


Also check app specific services.


If the service was activated with wrong system alias setting, please double check this table. You can correct the software version.


Error examples:

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  1. Ning Tong

    Hi Masayuki,

    For system alias <backend>_PGW, is it still only used for Apps My Inbox and Approve Requests currently?



    1. Mina Abdelmalek


      Hi Ulf,

      Did it happen that you found a solution for this HANA alias issue … we’re experiencing the same here!

      Tried to manually create it but this caused other errors like Data Provider does not exist!



  2. Mark von Wilmowsky

    Are there any other ways, how a System Alias is determined for an ODATA-Service?

    I have a problem (SCN link), where a simple assignment from odata to system alias results in errors concerning system alias resolution.


    Furthermore the following blog is quite helpful in my opinion, when you have to handle with remote systems like Fiori front- and backend systems.


  3. Former Member

    Hi everyone,

    I followed the steps indicated by Masayuki for the Gateway Alias definition, but for the back-end side, can anyone tell me what is the good Alias definition ?

    Is the configuration bellow is ok for the back-end server ?


  4. Daniel Klein

    Hi Masayuki,


    we have chosen the Embedded Deployment, and we found out that the LOCAL system alias is sufficient to get the demo apps like EPM-PAL-Demo working. No trusted RFC needed if there is no RFC happening between GW and ERP.





  5. Former Member

    Hello Masayuki ,

    TaskProcessing ODATA service Return only this Properties :
    Task Gateway Collections
    The service contains the following collections:
    Addressable Collections:
     Task Collection
     Task Definition Collection
     Consumer Scenario Collection
     Context Collection
     Filter Option Collection
     Substitution Collection
    Collections Associated to the Task Collection:
     Potential Owners Collection
     Possible Agents Collection
     Attachments Collection
     Comments Collection
     Description Collection
     Processing Logs Collection
     Task Definition Collection
     UI Execution Link Collection
     User Info Collection

    How can i return DecisionOption Property like WFService !?


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