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My journey so far…

Hi Everyone,

     I have been thinking to start blogging since so many day. Here I’m starting with ‘My journey so far…’. I hope it will be helpful and motivational for my peers 🙂 .

     I’m from a village near Hyderabad, India. I have been through difficult situations during my school days. Overcoming all those, I have joined in a good college for higher secondary education. There I have worked a lot to get a good rank in IIT-JEE 😳 . At the end, I have succeeded and got into Indian School of Mines, one of the prestigious universities in India to pursue Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. I had very good life there 😎 . During final year, I got recruited by Tata Consultancy Services, one of the top IT companies. Since there were no core Electrical jobs available in my reach, I had joined TCS in 2014 to step into my professional life.

     After joining, all the associates are divided into groups and I have been tagged to SAP BI/BO learning group. This is the second time I heard the word ‘SAP’, the first time was when my senior showed me some SAP application in his enterprise when I have visited there. After discussing with my seniors, I felt happy and lucky 😉 . Training had started with ABAP by one of the best teachers I have ever met. Surprisingly it was first time he is teaching somebody in his life. On the way to search for answers to clear my doubts starting from ‘What is SAP ?’, I came across this great place ‘SCN’ often. After few days, I had created my SCN account and suggested my peers to create theirs too. I felt recognized when I got few points. Then the training has shifted to ‘Business Warehousing’. I had a confusion 😕 in my mind that they have tagged me to BI and teaching me BW 😛 . On my way to search the answer for ‘What is the Difference between SAP BI & SAP BW‘, I have started interacting with people here and met Mr.Ravi Sankar Venna , one of the great mentors available here.

     One fine Sunday, while I was searching ‘Package of an SAP Consultant’, I have found the blog How to transform yourself from a fresher to an expert SAP Consultant? . It was very very inspirational and helped a lot make myself more confident . I strongly recommend this blog to everyone who has just started their career in SAP field. I have always tried to go for ‘conceptual knowledge’ rather than simply ‘knowledge’. After few weeks, training has shifted to analytics part which included Web Intelligence and Dashboard. Finally, training period has came to end with object oriented ABAP followed by Web Dynpro ABAP. This 3 months training has also meant for professional transformation where I had learnt the difference between friends and colleagues. As part of professional transformation, I have also built a good network on LinkedIn by connecting to my alumni, peers and professionals in SAP filed.

     I was posted in New Delhi, India, but there were no requirements of SAP BI/BO trained associates 🙁 . I have decided to move to some other place where there are requirements instead of working on other technologies. I have started searching for opportunities inside my company in different places. This is the first time I have realized the power of LinkedIn. There were several opportunities inside my organization and my connections and Mr. Ravi helped me to select the one which suites best for me and good in market as well 🙂 .

     Finally, I have got transferred to Pune, India.  I have started working on SAP Business Objects. I have got very good team mates here and luckily a kind supervisor 😎 . Infact, all people here are cool. I have started learning SQL since it is an integral part of Data Analytics. Before two months, I have attended ‘Lumira and Design Studio hand on workshop’ in Mumbai, conducted by SAP. I have met few professionals there and once again felt great and proud to be in SAP field. I’m also trying to allot some time to attend courses on openSAP. Recently, I have also started helping in SCN by answering queries in ‘Career Center’.

     Thank you all for making time to read my first blog and I would to hear your feedback. I would like to comeback with some more helpful blogs and documents in future. I appreciate my colleagues, peers and SCN members who all are helping me to build myself technically and professionally. I would like to get wishes from you all for successful life ahead 🙂 .

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