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In the frame of SAP Global Sponsorships, SAP has invited its Millennials to attend the Extreme Sailing Series in Singapore, an unforgettable event with lots of fun and phenomenal showcases! I am one of SAP’s young Millennials who got the chance to attend the Extreme Sailing regatta.

Let me tell you more about it.

Act 1 of 8 took place in Singapore, where nine world-class teams were racing against each other for 4 days. Being the Official Technical Partner of the Extreme Sailing Series, SAP provides their Analytics Technology tailored to the needs of sailing teams to help them improving their performance and reaching their goals.  SAP is the title sponsor of the SAP Sailing Team- a multi-national and really likable team.
As SAP VIP guests we had the chance to go on the sailing boats where we got to know the sailors and could ask them whatever we wanted to know. The Sailors took us on the racing course and explained the challenges a sailing team faces. In Singapore for example, the wind is an unpredictable factor due to the high skyscrapers.

When the regatta started, we kept our fingers crossed and watched the exciting races. It was fascinating to watch the races live as well as on a display that shows performance analyses in real-time. This is what makes a race super exciting!

Our well-rehearsed team did a great job; after 4 days and 32 races of tough sailing, they turned out to be on the 2nd place!

Attending the SAP Extreme Sailing Series was very inspiring – inspiring in different ways.First of all in the way of seeing the SAP Extreme Sailing team putting all their efforts together to perform as well as they can in order to win – in a team. Sailing is all about the team; it’s about trusting each other, about
focusing the same goal and about succeeding together.

Over and above, I was inspired by SAP’s innovative technology, that is able to analyse complex data sets, such as wind speed and direction, as well as boat
positioning data from GPS units in real-time. SAP Sailing Analytics provide great insights and transparency to the sport of sailing and let the spectators get the full understanding of what is going on during a race.

And last but not least, I realized again how much I appreciate it to work for SAP. Some might find it boring or not sexy to sell software – let me tell you, it’s not. The Extreme Sailing Series are the best proof for that. Seeing the variety of fields our Technology can be used for, linked to the fact that SAP can truly
help people to run better and to reach their goals, makes me proud and motivated. We are a great team at SAP that works really hard to help people to
improve – and I am glad to be a part of this wonderful team.


Julia Quintel

BAzubi Vocational Training Germany

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