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Automatic creation of STO from multiple Stock Transport Requsitions

I have seen lot of queries regarding automatic stock transport orders generation with reference to stock transport requisitions. I have searched in SCN to find the related document. I am unable to find any document related to Automatic STO creation from STR. I was find the documents related to automatic PO generation but not STO’s.

Introduction : Now a days Clients are looking more into Stock transfer from one plant another plant. Stock transport process is commonly used in most of the clients. There are many reasons why client looking into STO process 

1) Sales Order received in Depot plant or branch and manufacturing the goods happens in other plant.

2) Collecting the raw materials or FM CG goods components or packing materials in one plant and transferring to manufacturing plant.

3) Semi finished goods will be prepared at one plant and packing will be happens in another plant.

4) Collecting the perishable materials transferring to other cold storage plants.

Like there are business processes in different industries. Some times Requisitions will be generated through MRP and some times Requisitions created Manually. Some times,there was huge time will take to do huge  materials and some times it is to difficult to search supply plant and receiving plant wise to do STO’s.

To avoid this, in SAP we have option to create Automatic STO’s with reference to Stock transport requisitions.


Prerequisites :

1) Change default document type from NB to STO Document type in following path.

OLME–> Define default values for document type.

Here need to change default document type (sto document type) for ME21 and ME21N.


2) Configuration should properly maintain for set up STO in following path

OLME—> Purchase order –> set up STO. 


And you have to maintain assign document type, one step procedure, under delivery tolerance.


It is not required to maintain one step procedure. But you need to maintain supply plant and receiving plant with document type.

3) In Material Master, need to maintain automatic PO check in Purchasing view.


4) Source list need to maintain with combination of receiving plant and material and valid period and supply plant (Procurement plant)  and purchase organization.



5) Link should be maintain PR ( in case MRP generated – default document type) document type to PO document type in below path.

OLME–> Purchase order —> Define document type.



Process :

Once generated the Stock Transport Requisitions ,

In ME59N, enter Purchase requisitions numbers and execute the transactions.


Based on supplying plant, system will generate the STO’s.


See Below link , posted by Karoly Taragyia

Explained Trouble shooting on ME59N

ME59N trouble-shooting guide – ERP SCM – SCN Wiki

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      Author's profile photo Dibyendu Patra
      Dibyendu Patra

      Honestly, I didn't find any other configuration with compare to a normal PO.

      Btw, you should increase the text little more.

      Author's profile photo Ravindra Devarapalli
      Ravindra Devarapalli
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Patra,

             There is not much variation compare to normal PO. but In STO configuration, there was variation in configuration of set up STO.

      you have to maintain entry (with one step or with out one step) assign document type, one step procedure, under delivery tolerance.

      It is not required to maintain one step check box . But you need to maintain entry like supply plant and receiving plant with document type.

      In general STO process, it is not required to maintain assignment for above configuration. But auto STO generation, should be maintain this assignment or else will get error message. supplying plant and receiving plant combination getting error.

      Author's profile photo vostok SAP
      vostok SAP

      Thanks for the concise document. I followed all the steps and found that my document was still not being converted. Then I realised that you have missed the step wherein the vendor should also be configured for automatic purchase order. Then it worked!