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The Mobile Consumer in Context

SAP Mobile Platform and HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services for Consumer Mobile Use Cases

In an ever changing world, an organizations agility in acting and reacting to consumers needs and expectations is a major key to continued business success. Consumers of the Digital age value the most when they´re treated as individuals, receive continued quality of service, gather insight which is superior to the non-digital’s and work with easy accessible and delightful applications. There´s even a group of people, the “digital natives” who have never experienced a world without the internet, social media, and mobile technology. Anything not available and appealing in digital for them is simply non-existing!

“Digitally demanding customers are a threat if companies do nothing to change the traditional ways they interact and do business. If your competition is providing the digital avenues that customers want (think of the inform, buy, use, and help framework), then chances are that your competition is winning favor.”  Introducing: The “Digital Savvies”, 2013 Accenture

SAP itself has recently decided to create SAP Digital as a new integrated business unit which will market and sell traditional ecommerce and digitally native software, content, education and services direct to the consumer via SAP’s digital store. With our Mobile Platform solutions, we´re equally supporting and servicing our customers easing their path to success in the digital world.

Already in 2013, SAP has launched to market it´s next generation Mobile Platform (SMP) which provides unprecedented capability for Mobile Application Development and End-to-End Customer Service. 2014 SAP achieved the next big step and launched HANA Cloud Platform – Mobile Services (HCPms), which offers the flexibility to build and run native and hybrid apps in the cloud while still connecting to their on-premise or cloud-based back-end systems.

And 2015 will be the year of the Mobile Consumer!

SAP launches a series of new Mobile Premium Services on HCPms and SMP 3.0, providing capability far beyond what one´s used from a Mobile Application Development Platform. Capability that can be leveraged specifically aiming for an easy yet configurable method to build Consumer Applications – not just another “App”, but true End-to-End digital Applications that meet the digital native consumer´s expectations. Context Awareness will play a major Role in this new approach. Context-awareness is bringing together all aspects of information: identity, community, environment, and our intentions to make our lives and work simpler. Precise Context filters out the noise so we can simply get things done.

In a recent Study by Forrester Consulting[1], Marketing Leaders responded, they´d focus current personalization initiatives on customer-specified preferences and past interaction history while they expect a huge rise in personalization using consumer’s emotional state, social media sentiment, and context in near future. 77% of Marketers want to capitalize on the consumer’s current contextual behavior by the end of 2016.

Forrester Graphic.png

The consumer´s Mobile Phone is at the center of creating and enjoying context-aware user experience. As we bring the insights of the digital and physical worlds together in meaningful, precise ways, Consumers are getting familiar with the concepts via their usage of mobile applications. One can glance a view of SAP´s Consumer Mobility Vision at Mobile World Congress 2015 ( taking place in Barcelona from March 2nd to 5th. In Barcelona, where you can join an urban network of tourists, citizens and visitors to explore the City of Barcelona. Using this real-life solution, the City of Barcelona is able to efficiently manage tourist crowds and optimize the way people experience attractions and public services by incorporating real-time asset data. Gamification and Loyalty Modules allow the city to manage the preferred tourist areas and lets local businesses benefit by integrating them into the city urban network and increase their share of tourist expenses. The showcase is built by SAP with Telefonica and the City of Barcelona using SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services, SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Consumer Edition and uses real-time data sources, including connected assets such as Smart Vending Machines.

Carsten Kress

Head of Consumer Mobile Solutions & Innovation

[1] Delivering New Levels Of Personalization In Consumer Engagement, A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By SAP, November 2013

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