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Setup your SAP Web IDE on HANA Cloud Platform Part 2

In this and the next Blogs I will show you how you can set up your SAP Web IDE on Hana Cloud. I cut this in 5 parts:

part 1

  • Opening SAP Web IDE for the first time
  • Entering the Git User Settings
part 2 this part ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Installing and configuring the HANA Cloud Connector
part 3
  • Connecting to the remote system
part 4
  • Test the SAP Web IDE
part 5
  • Enable your HCP Fiori Launchpad
  • Register your App to the HCP Launchpad
part 6 (old part 5)
  • Deploy your application to the ABAP Repository
  • Test your application at the ABAP system
  • Import your application from SAP Gateway to SAP Web IDE

SAP Web IDE is ready, but we cannot connect to remote systems yet. In this part we will do the job. You need to configure the HANA Cloud Connector in order to connect the destinations, which you are going to define then, with the required systems.

Installing HANA Cloud Connector

At first, check the prerequisites o the HANA Cloud Connector!

Download the HANA Cloud connector from the link. If its possible use the plain version, not the Developer version.


For windows you have also an installer package (the one with the .msi extension). If you use it, you can skip the next step.

Once downloaded, unzip the connector and move the resulting folder in a suitable place on your local machine.

Go ins ide the extracted connector.


Run the file (or go.bat in case of Windows OS)

When the Connector is started you should see the “osgi>” prompt


Should you need to close the connector, you can simply type “close” in this console and the connector will be closed

Configuring the HANA Cloud Connector

Open browser and go to the link https://localhost:8443.

If you get the following error, click on Advanced. This error comes because you don’t have yet any valid certificate for this localhost server


Click on Proceed to localhost (unsafe)


Enter these credentials and click on Login

  • User Name: Administrator
  • Password: manage

Choose Master as the installation type since this is your first time you are installing the product and this is the only SAP HANA Cloud Connector in your system. Click on Apply


The first time you log in, you need to change the password. Do it and click on Save


Provide the following initial configuration and click on Apply. Proxy information is only needed if you are in a network that requires a proxy, like for example the SAP network.

Parameter Value
Landscape Host
Account Name <your account name on the landscape host>. It can be found on the top left corner of your SAP HANA Cloud Cockpit
User Name <your user name on the landscape host> of SCN
Password <your password> of SCN *
HTTPS Proxy Host only if required (for SAP users is “proxy”)
HTTPS Proxy Port only if required (for SAP users is “8080”)

* If you don’t know your SCN password, here you can reset it!


The landscape is configured. Now we need to add some mappings with the real systems. Click on Access Control


Click on Add… in the Mapping Virtual to Internal System section.


Enter the following information and click on Save.

What you are doing in this step is to assign to a real backend system a virtual name. In this way you can decouple the SAP Web IDE from the backend infrastructure. You can also create a virtual port, which of course can be different from the real one. In this case you will be using the same port. Let’s use as virtual server name “gm6.virtual” on the port 44333;

NOTE: Please be aware that the server used in this blog (GM6) is just an example, thus you may not have granted access to it.

Parameter Value
Virtual Host gm6.virtual
Virtual Port 44333
Internal Host <your server>
Internal Port <your port>
Protocol HTTPS
Back-end Type ABAP System


Now you need to add all the resources related to the usages you want to have in your SAP Web IDE. These resources are the paths to be concatenated with the server URL in order to have the complete paths to the resources. For example, if you want to configure your SAP Web IDE to consume the OData service at the address https://<server>:<port>/sap/opu/odata and extend some SAP Fiori applications at the address https://<server>:<port>/sap/bc/adt, you just need to add the common part (the server name and the port) in the system mapping and all the different paths in the table of the accessible resources.

This is the list of the available resources that you can add as of today:

Usage Path Description
odata_abap /sap/opu/odata for the OData functionality of Gateway
odata_gen for generic OData functionality (service URL must be provided manually
in the New Project wizard)
ui5_execute_abap /sap/bc/ui5_ui5 for executing SAPUI5 applications from the SAPUI5 ABAP Repository
dev_abap /sap/bc/adt for extensibility scenarios and developing or deploying to SAPUI5 ABAP
bsp_execute_abap /sap/bc/bsp For fact sheets
odata_xs /sap/hba For HANA XS Odata services
plugin_repository /plugins/pluginrepository

for exposing external plugin repositories

In this case let’s add just the following resources: /sap/opu/odata, /sap/bc/adt and /sap/bc/ui5_ui5, because for that server we want to use OData services, extend applications and also execute some SAPUI5 applications.

So click on Add… in the Resources section


Add the first resource and click on Save

Parameter Value
URL Path /sap/opu/odata
Access Policy Path and all sub-paths


Do the same for /sap/bc/adt and for /sap/bc/ui5_ui5 and click on Save


At the end you should have this configuration


Your SAP HANA Cloud connector has been properly configured. The status is green and it’s connected


You have successfully installed and configured your SAP HANA Cloud Connector.

In the next part we will connect to a remote system.

More Web IDE stuff published by Technology RIG ๐Ÿ™‚

See you


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      Author's profile photo Erik Hoven
      Erik Hoven

      Yes, yes, yes !!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Author's profile photo Hendrik Lock
      Hendrik Lock

      Hello, a couple of questions:

      Is it true that the connector does work with JRE 1.7 but not 1.8? At lest we have an indication after installation.

      For an application to deploy to cloud a consumer is not supposed to use the connector, right? So is there functionality in the cloud account that will map the virtual address to the physical system URL?

      Maybe it would help when the documentation @see URL provides an example which highlights the relation between the connection, the neo-app.json and the usage in code. It took us quite some effort to figure out all bits and pieces. You may use the example from below.

      Author's profile photo Hendrik Lock
      Hendrik Lock

      Here you find an example of relation between service and neo-app.json routing:


      destinationNorthwind.jpgand the usage in an OData model:


      Author's profile photo Brian Kelly
      Brian Kelly

      Hi Claudia,

      I have the same situation as Lusine.

      If you have forgotten you r Administrator password how can we it uninstall reinstall?



      Author's profile photo Syambabu Allu
      Syambabu Allu

      Hi Claudia,

      I have followed all the steps till installing Cloud Connector.

      While configure the connector i am giving all the necessary inputs attached screen you can find but getting error below

      15:17:45,          #Cannot find backends configuration

      15:17:45,          #Cannot find domains configuration

      2015-04-22 15:17:45,          #Creating an sslContextProvider for
      account p1940982312trial@xxxx.IN without SSLContext.
      Keystore did not contain a certificate.|

      Can you please let me know what i have missed in my config


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I am unable to connect to Cloud Connector using user id Administrator password manage .It giving authetication failed.Pls can any body tell me the resolution to login to cloud connector

      Author's profile photo Saranya Sampath
      Saranya Sampath


      Have you tried Configuring hana OData services using Cloud connector.  I have configured destination in cloud connector. But in WebIDE, I am unable to see that in serviceURL. Please share your idea. Missing any settings?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I  am having network and proxy error while setup the initial configuration. please help.CC_proxtError.PNG

      Author's profile photo Syambabu Allu
      Syambabu Allu

      Hi Diviya,

      Had same problem when i was connecting to HCP.

      If your connecting from Corporate network you should maintain the Proxy,Port,user,password details otherwise not able to connect,else connecting from local not required above four parameters.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Yes I am using corporate network and tried all the possible network and proxy settings.

      Thanks for the reply.

      Author's profile photo Arush Saxena
      Arush Saxena

      Hi, Is the cloud connector not supported for java version 1.8?

      Thanks and Regards

      Author's profile photo Saran kumar
      Saran kumar


      In the first step, I've downloaded the file from the link and the downloaded file is (sapcc-2.7.1-windows-x64.msi). I just tried to install the packager. But I'm getting the error is as follows.


      And also I didn't understand the second step how to follow..Could u pls help me on this.

      Author's profile photo Claudia Polster
      Claudia Polster
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Saran,

      have you checked as described the prerequisites of the Cloud Connector

      SAP HANA Cloud Platform


      • ...
      • A JDK 7 needs to be installed. Due to problems with expired root CA certificates contained in older patch levels of JDK 7, we recommend that you install the most recent patch level. An up-to-date SAP JVM can be downloaded from the SAP Development Tools for Eclipse page as well.

      Please check if you have installed this?

      What did you mean with second step?

      Thanks and regards


      Author's profile photo Abu Sandeep
      Abu Sandeep

      Dear Claudia,

      Is this the same procedure to follow to set-up Web IDE if we are not using trail version of SAP Web IDE ?

      We subscribed Web IDE on cloud already. Trying to set up.

      Please help on this.


      Abu Sandeep

      Author's profile photo padma mundru
      padma mundru

      Dear Claudia,

      While Configuring the Hanna Cloud Connector I am Facing the issue with Local Host. Please find the below screen snap for your reference./wp-content/uploads/2016/04/webide_927701.png

      @Thanks In Advance

      Author's profile photo Abu Sandeep
      Abu Sandeep

      Hi Padma,

      Have you installed HANA cloud connector on same system?

      If you have installed on a different server you should put that server hostname:<port number>


      Abu Sandeep

      Author's profile photo padma mundru
      padma mundru

      Hi Sandeep,

      Thanks for reply, I am following this link as per Claudia Polster I downloaded the Zip file(In my system) for Hana Cloud Connector and extracted and click on go.bat file. Below is the screen shot for your reference


      After that given link localhost:8443, for this I got previously mentioned error.

      Kindly help me.



      Author's profile photo Claudia Polster
      Claudia Polster
      Blog Post Author

      Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

      Have you checked the prerequisites of the Cloud Connector?

      Author's profile photo S G
      S G

      Hi Claudia,

      I am facing same issue like Padma mundru and I download HCC ZIP file and I unzip it , I run the go.bat file.

      My SAP System is installed in other server not in my local system.

      My system configurations are:


           Memory : 4GB

           Hard disk : 10GB


           Windows 7, 64bit OS,

           Oracle JDK 7, 64bit,

           HCC 2.7.2 64x,

      Please help me to install and configuration for HCC.

      Thanks & Regards,


      Author's profile photo Atilio Rommel Huerta Robles
      Atilio Rommel Huerta Robles

      Hi Claudia,

      I could finally install SAP Connector but I can not create the mapping for my SAP backend system, I have an error message when I check availavility :Internal host cannot be reached- see Logs.  However  I could connect to a SAP IDES System but this does not have all the functionality I need for  development challenge in SAP Fiori openSAP Course.

      I connect to my backend system using SAP Router because I work outside the office


      Author's profile photo Claudia Polster
      Claudia Polster
      Blog Post Author

      Have you checked if you have the right JDK version? (see the log)

      Author's profile photo Paul Hardy
      Paul Hardy

      After two days of trying I have got this working, so I am at last a happy bunny.

      Just as a philosophical question, does it have to be so agonisingly difficult?

      I know it makes people like me think that they must be a mega-genius to have cracked the DaVinci code.

      In the end, the last trick I tried was to add proxy settings, my connection did not work before when they were blank, and did not work when I had added proxy settings, but when I took them out again to restore them to a blank state everything started working,

      Since time immemorial this is how I have got things in SAP to work. Enter illogical values and see what happens. More often than not, this has got the job done.

      As an example, when setting up a CAL account there are two steps - you have to go through both SAP software and AWS software on the web and set up your details. One of them is intuitive/obvious and one of them is like navigating a maze in a blindfold. Guess which is which?

      Cheersy Cheers


      Author's profile photo Paul Hardy
      Paul Hardy

      I spoke to soon. The SAP Web IDE still does not work - for me - with Smart Templates.

      On the "SAP HANA Cloud Connector" web site I have the :tunnel information" as "connected" and one entry under "cloud connections".

      In the "SAP HANA Cloud Cockpit" the "SAP HANA Cloud Connector" page is full of information and has a nice green box saying "resources are available.

      The SAP Web IDE when it gets to the stage of trying to connect to a system,  gets into trouble.

      Any tips on troubleshooting?

      Cheersy Cheers


      Author's profile photo Andreas Hartmann
      Andreas Hartmann

      Thanks for this guide, our Cloud Connector is running fine with it.

      What is a bit confusing:

      Has the destination in the cloud connector to be manually created for every S-User?

      Or can one connection be shared for other users?

      We have several people who will  develop apps in future, so does our SAP BASIS always have to add the user manaully in the cloud connector?

      How did you solve this?

      Author's profile photo Meriadec MICHEL
      Meriadec MICHEL

      What we are trying to do is install it on a server. (so it runs as a server not on local host).

      I haven't finished the settings so I am not sure if it will works or not. I believe it shouldn't matter to webIde that the connector is not local host ? (but if somebody from SAP can confirm).

      Author's profile photo Ulrich Schmidt
      Ulrich Schmidt

      Hi Claudia,

      โ€œFor windows you have also an installer package (the one with the .msi extension). If you use it, you can skip the next step.โ€

      Well, why only โ€œfor Windowsโ€? We also have an installer package for Linux!! Maybe you want to correct this. (In my experience, the installer is easier to use for beginners, as it guides one through all the necessary steps, while when you unzip the portable edition you need to modify the go.bat/ script yourself with the necessary settings, so you need to know what you are doingโ€ฆย  As can be seen by the many "problem reports" in the comments here... ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      Best Regards, Ulrich


      Author's profile photo Narasingha Prasad Patro
      Narasingha Prasad Patro


      what I need to give here ? Can you please elaborate???



      the other surprise to me SAP Cloud Platform CockPit it is not allowing me to Login and even I am not able to register my Phone Number even if tried multiple time




      Appreciate your help on this Please with detailed Information.