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Setup your SAP Web IDE on HANA Cloud Platform Part 1

In this and the next Blogs I will show you how you can set up your SAP Web IDE on Hana Cloud. I cut this in 6 parts:

part 1 this part 😉

  • Opening SAP Web IDE for the first time
  • Entering the Git User Settings
part 2
  • Installing and configuring the HANA Cloud Connector
part 3
  • Connecting to the remote system
part 4
  • Test the SAP Web IDE
part 5
  • Enable your HCP Fiori Launchpad
  • Register your App to the HCP Launchpad
part 6 (old part 5)
  • Deploy your application to the ABAP Repository
  • Test your application at the ABAP system
  • Import your application from SAP Gateway to SAP Web IDE

What is…?

  • SAP Web Integrated Development Environment (or SAP Web IDE) is a next-generation cloud-based meeting space where multiple project stakeholders can work together from a common web interface – connecting to the same shared repository with virtually no setup required. It includes multiple interactive features that allow you to collaborate with your colleagues and accelerate the development of your HTML5/UI5 applications.
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform is the in-memory Platform-as-a-Service offering from SAP, which enables customers and developers to build, extend, and run applications on SAP HANA in the cloud. With flexible subscription models and optional services for apps, database, and infrastructure, it provides instant access to the full power of SAP HANA.

This is the complete landscape of our model: let’s spend some words about it.

  1. SAP Web IDE is in the cloud: it reads the destination we define in the SAP HANA Cloud Cockpit. You may have several destinations for different scopes.
  2. After reading a destination, SAP Web IDE looks for the virtual system specified and tries to get the real system by examining the Access Controls specified in the SAP HANA Cloud Connector installed on the user’s local machine.
  3. Any Access Control in the SAP HANA Cloud Connector points to one or more resources in the physical external system. This system can be an ABAP system or any other with OData capabilities.



  • You need a valid account on the portal (you can use your SCN password!).
  • You will also need your SCN password. If you don’t know it, here you can reset it.
  • In the next part you will install the HANA Cloud Connector. This software, at moment, is only available for 64bit platforms, so before you continue with this guide ensure you are in the proper condition. Please check also the prerequisites of it.
  • Be sure to have your Internet browser up to date.

Opening SAP Web IDE for the first time

for more Informations about the new Features look here

Open SAP HANA Cloud cockpit through the link

Click on the Cockpit link


Old Way: Click on Subscriptions at the left site. In the Subsription section you will find one subscription: “sapwebide”. Click on the Application name (“webide”) of this subscription.

New Way: Click on Services at the left site. Scroll down to SAP Web IDE




Click on Open SAP Web IDE


Your SAP Web IDE tool will be launched



Entering GIT User Settings

Before SAP Web IDE tool can be used with Git, you need to provide some information related to your name and your email address.

In SAP Web IDE Click on Tools and choose Preferences


Click on Git Settings


Enter your name and your email address and click on Save


SAP Web IDE is ready, but at the moment we cannot connect to a remote systems yet.

In the next part I will show, how you can install and configure the HANA Cloud Connector.

More Web IDE stuff published by Technology RIG 🙂

See you


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Claudi,

      Thanks for the sharing .

      Author's profile photo Vishnu Pankajakshan
      Vishnu Pankajakshan

      excellent blog claudi.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very nicely explained with examples. Thanks !

      Author's profile photo Vijay Kumar Kalluri
      Vijay Kumar Kalluri

      nice one...:)

      Author's profile photo Bogdan Radziejowski
      Bogdan Radziejowski


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I am trying to access the application link for SAP WEB IDE but its not saying

      ""HTTP Status 403 - You are not authorized to access this resource""

      WebIDEPermission is assigned to AccountDeveloper role for webide application.

      Please guide about right steps of configurations

      Author's profile photo Claudia Polster
      Claudia Polster
      Blog Post Author

      is the state green? (when you click on subscriptions)?

      Author's profile photo Basar Ozgur Kahraman
      Basar Ozgur Kahraman

      Thank you Claudia,

      Best document that i found to start.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice Blog Claudia,

      It helped me in getting started with WebIDE.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      following error message comming up after i click to Application URL for opening the web-ide. i m using chrome.

      HTTP Status 500 - An internal application error occurred. Request: 3040596782 p1570598955trial:webide

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Claudia,

      when I klick on the URL to start the Web IDE I only get the Message "Please wait..."


      Have you any Ideas what is wrong or which settings are missing on my local maschine?



      Author's profile photo Claudia Polster
      Claudia Polster
      Blog Post Author

      your username should stand automatically there, or?

      Author's profile photo Claudia Polster
      Claudia Polster
      Blog Post Author
      Author's profile photo Claudia Polster
      Claudia Polster
      Blog Post Author can ignore it but when you deploy your app to the HCP it will create a GIT repsitory...please look here for more information: SAP Web IDE Developer Guide

      Author's profile photo Jose Manuel Martinez Exposito
      Jose Manuel Martinez Exposito

      Hi Claudia,

      Thanks for the explanation!    

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Claudia, i'm starting a proyect with openUI5 and this save me a lot of troubles.

      Author's profile photo Qi Ren
      Qi Ren

      Excellent blog! I followed the steps and have successfully set up the connector and Web IDE.



      Author's profile photo maulik parekh
      maulik parekh

      Excellent !

      Author's profile photo Sachin Soni
      Sachin Soni

      Hi Claudia,

      I set up my IDE last year during the first FIORI course on open SAP.

      I am now logging in after a while.While trying to unit test and application, it asks for a password, i do not know which password it is.How can i reset that?



      Author's profile photo Claudia Polster
      Claudia Polster
      Blog Post Author

      it could be the backend password. I have no idea if this system/user is still available 🙁

      Author's profile photo Denis Tislenko
      Denis Tislenko

      Hi Claudia,

      We are trying to setup our Web IDE on a HANA XS local installation. Unlike in the Cloud version we cannot find a "HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit" where everything (e.g. Git Service) is turned on/off and configured.

      Our Basis Admin who set everything up found quite a lot of reading material but Hana Platform Cockpit is no where mentioned and "HANA Cockpit" seems to be different.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Rodrigo Ferreira
      Rodrigo Ferreira


      When I call Open SAP WEB IDE only get the message.


      Author's profile photo Swaminathan Thangaraj
      Swaminathan Thangaraj

      H, Fori application is having some issue in my office. can anyone guide me how to export application from server to devt WEBIDE environment and fix the issue and publish the changes to server?. FYI..during training period, I installed local WEBIDE and developed ui5 application. thanks.