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NEW TRIAL 2017 – SAP Hybris Marketing 1611 and SAP CRM on SAP HANA

Hopefully some of you already tried our existing SAP ERP on SAP HANA , SAP CRM on SAP HANA. or SAP BW on SAP HANA trial already and had a great experience using the software.


NOW in 2017 I would like to introduce the Version 4 of the Trial for SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP CRM.

Please use the “Quick Guide 9 Easy Steps to Start the Trial ” you can find in the white papers section, to right away start the Trial. The Trial is based on SAP Hybris Marketing 1611.


So what is included ? Let’s start with the technical part and an overview of implemented Best Practices Packages:

What else is there ?

  • Out-of-the-box software for end-to-end Marketing, Sales and Service business processes (blueprint phase no longer needed)
  • SAP Hybris Marketing integrated with SAP CRM on SAP HANA and SAP ERP landscape with extended innovations, such as SAP HANA ANALYTICS FOR CRM, SAP HANA CRM IC INBOX ACCELERATOR
  • Ready to consume SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP CRM, preconfigured best-practice business processes for marketing, sales and sevice
    • SAP Hybris Marketing Data Management
    • SAP Hybris Marketing Segmentation
    • SAP Hybris Marketing Acquisition
    • SAP Hybris Markeing Recommendation
    • SAP Hybris Marketing Insight
    • SAP Hybris Marketing Planning
    • SAP Fiori
  • Related SCN Blogs like the one from Bharath Ajendla he has written a nice Blog based on V2.703 “How to do a quick “POC” with SAP Hybris Marketing with your own data”
  • Related Trial Landing Page on, where a complete Business Process Documentation can be found.

So how can you get access ?

  • First: You need your own Cloud Account (Amazon Web Services) for the trial. Please note that you will incur costs from Amazon, you can find more information in the Quick Guide (see White Papers).

You will need to enter your Amazon Account details in the Trial Creation Wizard in CAL during the creation of your Instance.

If you don`t have an Amazon Account please do the following:


You can create an AWS account at We recommend using a separate AWS account for the SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

The accounts can be created with the consolidated billing in AWS (in case you have other AWS accounts).


Note that you have several prerequisites for configuring your AWS account:

  • Enable the Amazon EC2 service for your AWS account
  • Your IAM user has the following roles: AmazonEC2FullAccess, AmazonVPCFullAccess, ReadOnlyAccess, and AWSAccountUsageReportAccess

If you have specific questions about the AWS cloud provider, see the CAL FAQ – Specific questions for Amazon Web Services.


Try it out today. Start the trial today on


Please remember the legal restrictions when using these free solutions from SAP: SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) – Trial Solutions – FAQ


So how much will the system cost me ?

  • The software comes for free as a 30 day trial
  • You will have to pay for the Amazon EC2 infrastructure, which is around 4 USD per hour depending on the VM sizes when the system is running. Remember that you have control when the system is running and when not. Please find this video for more information on Amazon EC2:



White Papers:


Download the Quick Guide 9 Easy Steps to Start the Trial

Download eLearning How To Create AWS Account

Download Getting Started Guide

Download eLearning How To Use The Trial (windows version)

Download eLearning How To Use The Trial  (MAC, others)

Download FAQ


Enjoy it…

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  • Nice blog Mark.  The 30 day free trial is a great option for customers and partners to try it out.  A great time saver especially considering SAP hybris Marketing and SAP CRM comes in one instance along with best practices from various RDS's. 

  • I signed up for the trial and have not yet got it working. The SAP GUI connection to ERP works but the SAP GUI connection to CRM fails with the following message.


    Has anyone successfully used the trial? Does anyone know how to debug this?

  • Also I notice this CAL offering uses dynamic IPs. If we follow the instructions to set up our hosts file the next time we reboot the image the hosts will be wrong. Is there a way to force the CAL to use static IPs?

  • The guide says if we can't reach the system in the SAP GUI tI should SSH in and issue the commands

    su – crmadm

    sapcontrol -nr 00 -function GetProcessList

    However the guide fails to say what to do with the output. My commands in CRM resulted in the following












    2015 11 26 05:26:11




    IGS Watchdog



    2015 11 26 05:26:11







    2015 11 26 05:26:12







    2015 11 26 05:26:12



    Does anyone know what this means? Does it indicate a problem on my server? What is the problem and how do I fix it?



    • Hello Clifford,

      Your output is showing system is up and running fine.

      Could you please provide the output of /var/log applianceagent.log and appliancedeploy.log



  • Hi Mark,

    I have recently accessed SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP CRM RDS V3 in CAL and can access to SAP CRM, ERP though SAP GUI with connection info described in RDS_CRM_BUNDLE_CRM703V3_ApplianceDocu_EN_XX.pdf

    But I can not connect to SAP Hybris Marketing with instance number 03 as described and SAP Hana database (I use Hana Studio add-in in Eclipse) through hostname vhcalhdbdb/or direct IP.

    As well, in the connect to instance, do not have SAP GUI for Hybris Marketing


    Could u help to verify the version? And many thank if you could help to instruct me to connect to Hybris Marketing Hana DB.



    • Hi ChauHuynh, you can use the HTTPS connect SAP Hybis Marketing and launch Hybris Marketing UI directly. If you want to access the sap hybris marketing using hana-studio, you need to use SID CEI instance Number 03 Client 100 and please use the external IP adress you get for CRM out of your CAL instance details.



  • Is there a plan to make Hybris Billing available in CAL?  We are a customer with licenses and looking to play with the system before investing on an actual implementation.