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Fiori My Inbox = Approve Requests + Unified Inbox

Yes that’s what we understand from the recent webcast by SAP.

Recently My Inbox application was released. My Inbox application is a UI5 version of SBWP (SAP Inbox) with equal and close to equal functionality as of UWL.

As the page says : With the transactional app My Inbox, you can make important decisions via mobile or desktop devices anywhere and anytime. Using this app, you can process your standard and custom workflow tasks based on the decision options defined in the back-end system.


Work items appearing in your sap inbox (with more than one scenarios configured ) should ideally appear in your My Inbox applications as well .

So there are 2 major features as we see,

1. You can configure All Items Tile

2. You can configure Scenario Specific Tile.

1. All Items : Pre configured tile allows users to process all tasks configured in the backend system.

2. Scenario Specific configuration : Allows users to configure scenario specific tasks, custom workflows, Custom use cases or any other approval use case for which we don’t have a standard app.

Key Features :

       Process tasks from your SAP Business Workflow, SAP Business Process Management (BPM), and 3rd party providers : Planned for Connector from SAP HANA as well

  • You can define the decision options you want to display (for example, approve or reject). : Define Custom decision options
  • You can perform the standard actions (for example, claim, release, or forward a request).These actions are available by default; no customizing is needed in the back-end system. : User can reserve the task or release or forward to some other user.
  • You can perform mass actions, that is, process several tasks of the same type at the same time. Decisions on more than one task is now possible at once where the decision options are same.


  • You can view and add comments : With the new feature, now user can add comments/notes as well. (View works in approve requests application too)
  • You can view custom attributes that provide additional information about the task instance.
  • You can view, upload, and delete attachments. : Now you can upload and delete attachments as well from the app itself as featured in SAP Inbox/Unified Inbox.
  • You can create and manage substitution rules to manage the tasks in your absence : User can add substitutions to the approval list. By clicking on the workitem and adding substitutions at user level, we can now allow other user to take actions in our absence.
  • You can send emails or post tasks on a pre-configured JAM site. : User can send emails, using forward options or share task in JAM networking site.
  • You can view the business cards of the application users.
  • You can browse, sort, filter, and group tasks requiring action. : User can now filter on the workitems based on Dates of requests or Priority (High, medium , Low) and take action accordingly.
  • You can extend the standard application to cover additional UI or functionality needs.
  • You can easily process all your tasks with the pre-configured All Items tile. : With All item tile, user can access all the workflow usecases in single app.

Architecture :


With some of the appealing feature which I am looking forward to are :

1. Ability to open task applications : Now using My Inbox application, upon clicking on the desired workitem, user will be navigated to the task application (SAP Transaction) which opens in a new browser tab/window. Currently this feature will be supported only for Desktops as the webdynpro applications are not supported for mobile devices and may not behave properly with Tablet screens as well.


Click on Open Task and a new window with SAP Transaction is opened.


2. Ability to open other workflow related applications from My Inbox. (App to App Navigation)

With this feature, if a user has work item for Approve purchase order application in All Items, on click of the work item , we can navigate to Approve Purchase order app directly from the My Inbox app with more details on the item level.

Also the Task Processing service to be used here will be of version 2.

My Inbox – SAP Fiori for Request Approvals 1.0 – SAP Library

With there roadmap, SAP is planning to include Outbox feature too, but I might look forward for “Workitem Executed/ Approval history” option in the current version or in near future. 

My Inbox will certainly stop the usage of Fiori : Approve requests application if used widely, likely to hear that SAP is now focusing only on enhancing of My Inbox application.

More documents @ : SAP Fiori – My Inbox

Happy Inboxing

Best regards,


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      • Hi Tejas,

        Do have details on activities required to get the app-to-app navigation working from My Inbox? Does it only need the config in SWFVISU or anything else required as well.



          • I used CrossApplicationNavigation to achieve that. e.g.



                                                 target : {

                                                                semanticObject : “LeaveRequest”,

                                                                action : “manage”


                                                 params : {

                                                                “pernr” : this.pernr


            Other pointer – Fiori – Cross Application Navigation

            Or you can even refer to HCM People Profile app for your reference. It has a few app navigation links in it.

          • Thanks for your answer. So you don’t use SWFVISU right?

            Just to understand what did you accomplish, do you navigate completely from My inbox to another app or did you navigate within the details view to get details view from the other app? I am trying to navigate just from My inbox details view to PO approval detail view without changing the list left view from the split component.

            Appreciate your comments or suggestions,


  • Is it possible to receive Emails in my Inbox and assign tasks to them as well? I would like to trigger a workflow on certain external mails through Fiori and I just miss the first trigger step – like upload of an external PDF. Any Idea?

    • Hi Matthias,

      Receiving mailers can be configured from back end workflow engine and need to customize as per your requirement, once you are getting the same in your sap inbox, you should get the same in your My inbox app as well.

      Regarding assigning tasks : you can very well add attachments, pdf from the application and forward to the next level of approver.



      • Thanks Tejas,

        this was a really helpful advise. So basically I can send an Email to a specific mail account and assign this account to my inbox and basically start the process. Once it is in my Inbox I can completely use Approve Request / Unified Inbox Functionality.

        Sounds good to me.

        • I think you are confused with the last part, once you are done you can use “my inbox” app itself. This has features of approve requests and unified inbox included.

          You can create overall app as well as configure specific scenario



  • Hi Experts,

    just an other small question – is it possible to access ArchiveLink Documents via Fiori Approval Apps? Does anyone got experiences in this?

    Thanks in advance

  • What abt custom workflow where for say ‘Credit Limt Extension’ amount to be extended is entered by the business user from SBWP. Is this possible via My inbox App



    • Custom workflow can be achieved the same way it was achieved in Approve requests application. You have scenario specific configuration here in My inbox. You can configure scenario specific tiles as per your requirements.



  • Hi Tejas,

    Very interesting article that I just read while configuring the My Inbox app.

    One additional question:

    – Is there a way to open a task/app in the same window as the MyInbox? I see now that my tasks open a new browser window.

    Thanks in advance,

    Stefania R.

    • Hi Stefania

      Should be possible , but never tried. Open task opens your backend transaction in new tab ideally. You need to check in inspect element that which service is called whn you click on ‘open task’ , check the f12 network tab. You can call the same service and customize your ui.



  • Hi everyone, I have a requirement to app-to-app navigation, My inbox to PO approval app but I can’t find any documentation on that.

    Does anyone have details of how to achieve that? or which activities are required to get the app-to-app navigation working from My Inbox? Best scenario will be to navigate only to detail view of PO approval from My inbox.



    • Albert – SWFVISU has option to setup app to app navigation. We had same/simillar requirement to show only detail view when ‘Open Task’ is selected and we implemented custom solution to meet this requirement.

      Hope SAP willl provide option to load app in same window in near future. 🙂



      • Do you mean that you can setup app to app navigation in SWFVISU ? For example from My inbox:

        –  click on PO approval item

        –  Standard My inbox details are shown

        – Click on open task and this will navigate to PO approval Fiori app?

        Do you have any reference of how to achieve that? That could be a starting point for us as well…


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  • Hi Tejas,

    Great post! We are currently thinking about replacing our portal UWL solution with something more modern and My Inbox looks very tempting. However, at the same time we need to preserve our current functionality of displaying SBWP mails (not workflow objects) in the portal.

    Do you know if it is possible to display SBWP mails (like in UWL “SAP office Mails”)?


    • Hi Wojciech,

      Out of the box, items you receive in workflow inbox (SBWP) are shown in my inbox app. Are this office mails shown in “Inbox” of SBWP in SAP (not in portal UWL).

      If yes, this should be configured as part of your task (custom/standard).