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Create Budget profile and Activate Availability Control

Hi All..

Reference to  my previous document related to budgeting on Asset Purchase Budget on Asset Purchase. i will explain in this document how to create budget profile that you need to assign to internal order.

The budget process for internal orders have the advantage of availability control. This is where the system can be set to check if there is budget available for the internal order before allowing the posting of costs.

The customizing of availability control is made of the below steps:

1.Maintain the budget profile.

2.Maintain number ranges for budgeting.

3.Define tolerance limits for the availability control.

4.Specify exempt cost elements from the availability control.

5.Maintain the budget manager.

Below we will go through details of every step:

1) Maintain the budget profile

T-code: OKOB

Menu Path : Controlling- Internal Orders-  Budgeting and Availability Control – Maintain Budget Profile.

In the budget profile, you customize the behavior of budgeting by defining the below parameters:


*Time Frame

*Currency Translation


*Investment Management

*Availability Control

* Budgeting Currency

In the Time Frame section, you will define how many years in the past and how many years into the future you want to create the budget, and if the budget will be total values or annual values. If the Annual values indicator is checked, you can split the overall budgeting by year.

In the Currency Translation Section you need to define the exchange rate type to be used in the budgeting.

The Representation section allows you to define the decimal places for the budgeting amounts.

In the Availability Control section, you need to define how the system will determine the budget control:

in Activation Type you need to choose (1) Automatic activation during budget allocation, you can also set if the budget control should consider the overall budget or by year by check the overall box or the budget will be calculated on total value base.

2) Maintain Number Ranges for Budgeting

T-Code: OK11

Menu Path: Controlling-Internal Orders-  Budgeting and Availability Control-Maintain Number Ranges for Budgeting


3) Define Tolerance Limits for Availability Control

Menu Path: Controlling – Internal Orders – Budgeting and Availability Control-Define Tolerance Limits for Availability Control.

If you want the SAP to control the internal order budget . yin this step you indicate  if any overspending should trigger a warning message or error message preventing posting of the transaction.


Enter your controlling Area and profile budget and choose the type of transaction that  you would to activate the availability control in Usage

in action field you have a choice between below actions : Warning , Warning with Mail to person responsible or Error Message.


also you need to define the usage in % which will trigger the action you choose once the consumed budget reach this limit.

4) Specify Exempt Cost Elements from Availability Control

T-code: OPTK

Menu Path: Controlling-Internal Orders-Budgeting and Availability Control-Specify Exempt Cost Elements from Availability Control

You can define the cost element that you want to be ignored in the internal order availability control.


5) Maintain Budget Manager

T-code: OK14

Menu path : Controlling- Internal Orders-  Budgeting and Availability Control-Maintain Budget Manager

The budget manager is the SAP user who will receive the email when specified tolerance levels are reached.


Finally you need to maintain this budget profile in your internal order structure though T-code KOT2



Mahmoud El Nady

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