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CHARM – SMCR Documet Flow Created with Signavio Process Editor

Hi to all ,

to get CHARM’s SMCR  BP Process names I did the following steps in Solution Manager 7.1 (SP12) “Solar01”:

  1. Have made a link between the Solman and Signavio process editor. More details on this subject you can find on the following blog document link
  2. In this step I’ve populated my Solman implementation project from the corresponding Business Process Repository.
  3. Have imported whole solman implementation project structure from solar01 to my Signavio process editor. This was my starting point for creations detailed document flows for SMCR change document.

I’ve choosen SMCR since it is the most complicated one (excluding SMMJ normal correctionwith the new feature Preliminary Import).

Important to stress out here is that current  CHARM process flow diagrams (SMCR,SMMJ,SMHF, SMTM,..etc) available on service market place  are not updated and they do not follow present CHARM process.

Using Signavio Process Editor (embedded  share  approach)  I’ve created most up to date SMCR process document flow!

The complete SMCR’s processes from my solman project looks following :


Interactive embedded process diagram you can find in the following link.

SMCR Signavio – 1.3 Request for Change L2

The embedded approach comparing to the screenshots picture one  is far more useful  – each time you do update your process structure  is Signavio process editor will be automatically updated in your shared link!!  

This is not possible to do with the screenshot pictures 

Further in the text I’m sharing the rest of the SMCR’s process structures which are part of the SMCR’s document flow.

  • The Picture of 1.3.1 Create Request for Change L3″


The embedded link follows:

SMCR Signavio – 1.3.1 Create Request for Change L3

  • The Picture of 1.3.2 Define/Extend the Scope L3


The embedded link follows:

SMCR Signavio – 1.3.2 Define/Extend the Scope L3

  • The Picture of Approval Process L4


The embedded link follows:

SMCR Signavio – Approval Process L4

  • The Picture of 1.3.4 Initiate Change Execution L3


The embedded link follows:

SMCR Signavio – 1.3.4 Initiate Change Execution L3

  • The Picture of 1.3.5 Confirm Request for Change L3


The embedded link follows:

SMCR Signavio – 1.3.5 Confirm Request for Change L3

  • The Picture of 1.3.7 Define/Extend the Scope Assignment Block L3


The embedded link follows:

SMCR Signavio – 1.3.7 Define/Extend the Scope Assignment Block L3


Poster with all  BPMN 2.0 models you can find on this link !!!

If some of you is  is interested in getting the exports of the Signavio BP documents flow, please do not hesitate to let me know.

I hope this presentation of steps I made was found useful for better understanding of Signavio Process Editor in your business process environment.

Boris Milosevic

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  • Hi Boris.

    This is really great to see!

    I understand much better when I see process diagrams.

    Question 1. The red events mean end of process. The blue mean status change, so what does the green tasks mean?

    Question 2. The cancellation of scope extension requires creation of a new CD. Is this not poor behaviour from ChaRM. I see from the diagram it adds complexity,  so to align with our ‘Run Simple’ strategy,  we should remove it from standard, no?

    Also,  are you planning to create other processes? I would really like to see examples of the linkage to cpro,  releases and testing from a customer view.

    I have some ppm,  charm,  itsm processes from my in work in SAP for customers.  Maybe we can exchange?



    SAP Business Transformation Services

    SAP Saudi Arabia

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comments I already did improvements (version 7 ) according your suggestions and questions.

      Question 1: 

           Answer I’ve added  and readjusted my SMCR diagrams. Now , the SMCR flows are more coherent   especially with the  Legend and BPMN2.0 poster link. It will be much more easier for users to follow.

      Question 2:

           Answer: Yes this is poor behaviour of SMCR , but for this improvement  you should ask CHARM development  team. My test is performed in Solman 7.1  SP12 unfortunately it works like is presented in the 1.3.7 . Will be much easier if we can cancel it without creation of CD!

      My plan (which is currently in progress)  is to create document flows for the SMHF, SMMJ (with Preliminary Import) , SMTM. In future we can made link to the Testing , cpro and releases.

      Yes yours ppm, charm itsm process are more then welcomed. Would you be so kind and send those materials to my email   ( ).

      Once more thank you again for yours  suggestions and comments.


      Boris M.