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Adapter module dynamic Queue Name, n xml elements

This is easy way to configure Sender channel to assign dynamic name to Queue, you can use n elements of XML Payload to assigne Qname

Module EJB  SAP EJB J2EE 1.4 Project, view doc [1], Is a very good document, there is a little mistake, the type of EJB is stateless, the image shows a wrong stateful (take care)

The parameters for Module you need with this solution:

ElementPath1: Xpath of node

ElementPath2: Xpath of node

ElementPath(n): Xpath of node

Separator: char for separation of elements, use une like “-“

QName: Starting part of queue, something like (ORD, MAT, PORD)

This is the configuration:

2015-02-10 10_57_50-SAP Process Integration Designer - SoapSenderEOIOPedidos - SAP NetWeaver Develop.png

The parameters:

This is a sample of Monitor view (pimon):

2015-02-10 11_09_53-Message Monitor - SAP NetWeaver Administrator.png

Use This code for module:

—————————————————— (Attach file)


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Reference URL


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