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Hello SCN Members,

Good Morning,

I have faced a situation, where in SAP Development system does not have data and Testing system has data. So, i am trying to add data on the internal table manually and it is taking much time. so, i tried to copy only changed data in a row from 3rd column to end of the column on the excel sheet. Like that i have done many times and after that i have got an idea and do as below:

While debugging, wherever i need to fill data to an internal table i put  break point and filled the data by uploading the excel which was downloaded from the Test server and the process is as follows:

First put a break-point where we need to fill data to an internal table. So, break point was stopped.see the below picture in debugging – standard tab,services on the Tool as high lighted below and click on the internal table you will get the data as below:


you will get the data as above,

go to services on the tool icon as high lighted below: Internal table here is Lt_Final with 6 records.


you will get the pop-up as below: Under Table display services, Services<Standard<

sample 3.png

Double click on it to upload the test server data, you will get the below pop-up message, click on yes button as below.


after that again you will get the below pop-up message and click on ‘Allow’.

sample 5.png

After that it will fill the data to that particular internal table .(here in this case internal table (LT_Final with 40 records).

With that, i did my program changes successfully. This blog will be benefited to our members a lot i hope.

I have used the above process in EHP6 FOR SAP ERP 6.0 version.


Siva kumar.

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    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Ivan BB vegas,

      no need of any configuration.

      just do as per the screen shots given on that document. you will be able to upload.ok.


      Siva kumar.


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