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Procedure to upload an excel data into an internal table while debugging in SAP ABAP.

Hello SCN Members,

Good Morning,

I have faced a situation, where in SAP Development system does not have data and Testing system has data. So, i am trying to add data on the internal table manually and it is taking much time. so, i tried to copy only changed data in a row from 3rd column to end of the column on the excel sheet. Like that i have done many times and after that i have got an idea and do as below:

While debugging, wherever i need to fill data to an internal table i put  break point and filled the data by uploading the excel which was downloaded from the Test server and the process is as follows:

First put a break-point where we need to fill data to an internal table. So, break point was stopped.see the below picture in debugging – standard tab,services on the Tool as high lighted below and click on the internal table you will get the data as below:


you will get the data as above,

go to services on the tool icon as high lighted below: Internal table here is Lt_Final with 6 records.


you will get the pop-up as below: Under Table display services, Services<Standard<

sample 3.png

Double click on it to upload the test server data, you will get the below pop-up message, click on yes button as below.


after that again you will get the below pop-up message and click on ‘Allow’.

sample 5.png

After that it will fill the data to that particular internal table .(here in this case internal table (LT_Final with 40 records).

With that, i did my program changes successfully. This blog will be benefited to our members a lot i hope.

I have used the above process in EHP6 FOR SAP ERP 6.0 version.


Siva kumar.

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