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Join Our Web Intelligence Live Session – March 25-27, 2015

Do you want to learn the Web Intelligence Reporting Tool?  Would you like to do it with a mix of self-paced study, live training system access, and instructor-led sessions?

If you would, SAP Education has an exciting new opportunity for you.

As a special offering within SAP Learning Hub, we’re leading a three-day Learning Room Live Session hosted by our experienced instructors.  For SAP Learning Hub subscribers we’ll provide the Web Intelligence Reporting course, BOW310, within the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Learning Room.  This event runs March 25-27, 2015.

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The BOW310 Web Intelligence class runs three days, allowing time for virtual instructor-led training and self-study via e-learning, flip books, and live training system access.

Daily schedule

Each day, participants join the learning room for daily, two-hour instructor-led sessions.  Then, they’ll work independently using the e-learning version of the course from SAP Learning Hub, and an SAP Live Access system to work independently on assigned exercises.  Instructors will be available for questions via the learning room.

10 a.m. to noon, Eastern.  Instructor-led demos, Q&A, and guidance in completing the tasks for the day.
1 5 p.m., Eastern.  Student self study.  An instructor will be available to answer questions.
24-hour access to the training environment.  To participate in the live session, you’ll be required to purchase a 20-hour block of SAP Live Access.  (The 20 hour block is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.)

Who should take this class?

• Current SAP Learning Hub customers who are looking for direction and structure to help them learn the Web Intelligence Reporting tool.

• Customers who are looking for an alternative to the traditional two-day BOW310 class, and who are interested in doing more self-study.

Prerequisites for participating

To participate in the Live Session, you must have an SAP Learning Hub subscription and purchase a 20-hour block of SAP Live Access.

SAP Learning Hub subscription
At a minimum, you must have the following SAP Learning Hub subscription qualify:

• SAP Learning Hub, business user edition: Code HUB040  ~ Price $338
This subscription delivers SAP Knowledge Acceleration titles and other end user-focused courses.  It also entitles you to participate in learning rooms, which are topic-based interactive social rooms that are led and moderated by SAP subject matter experts.  This is the minimum required subscription to participate in the Web Intelligence Live Session.  Use the following link to learn more and subscribe:

Other editions of the SAP Learning Hub also qualify by providing access to the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Learning Room. They are the Enterprise Edition, Customer Edition and Partner Edition. You can learn more about these at .

Subscriptions to the Discovery and Student Editions of SAP Learning Hub do not have access to the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Learning Room, and so do not qualify.

SAP Live Access
SAP Live Access environment enables learners to practice their skills and build experience in a live, fully supported SAP environment.  It provides preconfigured systems where learners can do course exercises in SAP Learning Hub, or experiment on their own.  You purchase SAP Live Access in 20-hour blocks, consumable in a 30 day period.  Cost for SAP Live Access for a BOW310 course server is $378.

To purchase, click here: . In the Select Course field, choose: BOW310_015.

Note: Do not purchase the SAP Live Access for this course before March 1, 2015, or later than March 20, 2015 to ensure that your access is available during the course.

There is no registration necessary to attend this Live Session.   The only requirements are detailed above:  An SAP Learning Hub subscription + SAP Live Access.  Once you have your SAP Learning Hub subscription, join the Web Intelligence Learning Room, and RSVP to the Live Session. (Step by Step instruction are attached to this blog in the “How to join the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Learning Room” document)  

We hope you will join us in our Live Session.  “See” you then!

*Note: Subscriptions to SAP Learning Hub business user edition are valid for 12 months.  SAP Live Access is available for 30 days after the purchase date.

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  • hi Nicole,

    This course is going to conduct based on BO 4.1Web Intelligence latest version  ?
    if the person only having learning hub access but not having the live access system rights then still he/she able to attend the session?



    • Hi Balaji,

      Thank you for your interest.  Yes it will be conducted on 4.1 version of Web Intelligence.  Without Live Access, you will not be able to work on the activities that are being assigned in the Live Session.  So,  it really will be more beneficial for you to have the Live Access.

      Best Regards,

      • hi Nicole,

        Thanks for your immediate response, i understand the benefits of Live access, but unfortunately i can’t able to purchase the Live Access system, Live Session activities should be generic, because every person who are attending the training are not able to/not required to purchase the Live access system, they may have their own sap system in their landscape,they can make use of their system during the training, instructor can able to demo through sample files during Live session , the same can be shared through learning Room so that participants can make use of it, if the person not having the systems then he/she may purchase and use the SAP Live access system. Assigned work should be done only through live Access system then we are forced to purchase and use it, hope you and your team understand our concern.



        • Hi Balaji,

          Thank you for your comments.  We can take this into consideration for future developments.  However, for this session, in order to participate in the hands-on part of the Live Session, Live Access will have to be purchased.  The activities create reports written on a Universe within SAP’s training landscape.

          Best Regards,


          • Hi Nicole,

            Thanks for considered our suggestion, hope Training team will take it up and provide an alternate option to the participants who are not able to access/purchase the Live System



  • See at the bottom of the blog the instruction to join the Web Intelligence Learning Room (in the Learning Hub). In the Learning Room you will find the BOW310 Live Session Event. Please “join” the Event to mark you are going to attend the Live Sessions.

  • If you already have SAP Learning Hub subscription (see the blog above to understand which Edition is necessary) than you will need only to buy the remote access to the training system (Live Access) to be able to do the exercises.

    • If you want to buy the Live Access (remote access to the training System) for the BOW310 live sessions, you can do it till 20th March 2015 to have the System up and running for the first live session on 25th March. If you order it later, the system could be availalbe a bit later.