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GDS Process – DataPool Response from 1SYNC

DataPool Response:

When the trade item is successfully exported from GDS and sent to 1 SYNC via PI, 1 sync will send the response back to GDS as a receipt of acknowledgement.

If item is Added, Modified or deleted 1 sync will send the proper acknowledgment with status as Accepted/Rejected. PCL (Parent and child Linkages) relationship for the item can also be done through GDS export process.


CAtalogue Response.png


  1. The 1 Sync Server sends an AS2 message containing the status of the item registration / publication or the response from the customer (accept / reject ) to GDS via PI
  2. PI receives the 1 SYNC AS2 messages  for further processing.
  3. PI transforms the data from an CatalogueResponse message to a DataPoolResponse.
  4. The DataPoolResponse message is sent to the GDS system via a JAVA proxy call
  5. The JPR Layer in GDS performs some pre-validation and then passes on the data to the GDS core component
  6. The GDS core component updates the status of the trade item by invoking the MDM JAVA API to make calls to the MDM server.

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CAtalogue Response.png
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