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Digest of Recently Published ASE KBAs for Week of 1 Feb 2015


The purpose of this blog is to promote the SAP KBAs published or modified and republished for SAP Sybase ASE in the week of February 1st, 2015

You will need to be logged into Service Marketplace in order to view the contents of these KBAs, .

[ Due to a reporting problem, the titles are somewhat truncated.  I will update them once the problem is cleaned up.  -bret ]

KBA Title


Changes to the versioning format in SAP Sybase ASE 15.7.
1922006 When will ASE 15.5  and 15.7 be end-of-life?
1952370 ASE: error 814 State: 7 negative keep count while running update statistics.
2000310 ASE: Alter database  command is taking a long time to complete.
2074220 Error 325 – Adaptive Server finds no legal query plan for this statement.
2074283 Msg 18204 State 1: Procedure ‘sp_add_resource_limit’, Line 206: Unknown limit type ‘idle_time’.
2080956 How to Build the DBCCDB Database for DBCC CHECKSTORAGE.
2081577 Error 693 is returned when running ‘create index’ and ‘dump database’ simultaneously.
2084785 A process is infected with signal 11 in close_range__fdpr().
2089677 How to configure syb_default_pool on SPARC T4 or T5 system.
2091031 Targeted CR List for ASE 15.7 SP132.
2105799 ASE 64bit for Windows may fail to configure a data cache or fail to boot with a large memory configuration.
2120932 ASE Infected with signal 11 at ssql_unlink_stmtmetrics
2122114 Identity start value jumps after load of database or transaction log dump
2123826 Errors 3935, 9591, and 515 are returned when running an INSERT that references the reserve_identity() function.
2124412 ASE optimizer may  compile a stored procedure twice when “procedure deferred compilation” is OFF.
2124804 ASE patch installer reports ‘File exists on this system and is newer than the file being installed’.
2125004 The master database transaction log grows every time sp_helpsort is executed.
2126553 Under UTF8, sp_spaceusage  raises error 19537 “Invalid syntax or illegal use of the USING clause”

ASE – Error 539 Unexpected internal access methods error 0, state 31 while executing an UPDATE statement.

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