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WebSphere MQ JMS adapter configurations for SAP PI

WebSphere MQ  JMS adapter  configurations for SAP PI

Business requirements need to integrate with  other EAI technologies or some clients may use other EAI tools like(IIB9) in such cases we may get chance to work with inbound or outbound scenario between Queues(MQ) and SAP .

Some cases IBM mainframe systems needs to exchanges data from/to SAP at that time they might use other EAI technologies to place/get the data from host(Mainframe system) to IIB(MQ) where PI need to pick data from queues(MQ) then route it to SAP, In such cases we probably need to configure JMS adapter.

Prerequisites :

1)Before going to start scenario development we need to deploy respective jar files in PI server using NWDS.( file .

for more information for deploying Jar files  please go through  below link :

Below are Receiver JMS adapter Configurations:



Processing Tab:


Sender JMS adapter:


Processing Tab:


Common Error & Solutions while working with JMS adapter:

1)Error:A channel error occured.Deailed error(if any):java.lang.NoClassFoundError:com/ibm/mq/jms/MQQueueConnectionFactory:cannot initialize class because prior initialization attempt failed at java.lang.ClassforName0(Native Method)

Solution: SAP NetWeaver Administrator → Java System Properties → Applications, select the application and modify the property value.

For client library MQ version 7.5, set the “preloadClasses” property as:,,,

2)Error: Error creating JMS connection.The JMS provider gave the error message as JMSWMQ2013:The security authontication was not valid that was supplied for QueueManger ‘SAPPIQM’with connection mode ‘Client’and host name ‘xx.xx.xx.xx(I.P)’.JMSCMQ0001:WebSphere MQ call failed with compcode ‘2’(MQCC_FAILED)reason ‘2035’(‘MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED’),and the error code as JMSWMQ2013.

Solution: Need to execute the following commands where ever MQ instance placed

Open cmd prompt (run as administrator) execute cmd:

runmqsc LOGGER_QM_DB(QUEUE Manager name)


3)Error: Transmitting the message to endpoint <local> using connection File_ failed, due to:$InvalidTransitionException: No transition found from state: ERROR, on event: process_commence for DFA: CC_RCVR_F2J:5e9985d8d2cb3f75a5ba830e6b51b1ac

Solution: AS same above.

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      Author's profile photo Martin Ibrahim
      Martin Ibrahim

      Hi nice blog! I'm new on JMS... This adapter support queue type "alias" instead local queue with MQ Series? If is yes, It requires any special settings?

      Thanks a lot!!

      Author's profile photo Ganesh Gullipalli
      Ganesh Gullipalli
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ibrahim,

      yes its supports alias queue instead local queue,no need special settings you can directly place alias queue name in channel queue name parameter.


      Ganesh Gullipalli

      Author's profile photo Martin Ibrahim
      Martin Ibrahim

      Hi Ganesh,

      Tanks for your reply...I did the follow on receiver adapter:

      Step 1: I've changed the queue name (Alias type - no password needed). I've saved and activated it.

      JMS Receiver Channel - Alias Queue.jpg

      Step 2: The connection, appears fine. But the problem is when, I've tested the channel, send a data message. It throws a error message.

      JMS Receiver Channel - Error when receive message.jpg

      Note: When use "queue type", this works fine.

      Any idea about this?

      Thanks a lot!


      Author's profile photo Ganesh Gullipalli
      Ganesh Gullipalli
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Martin,

      Please try to post message in Alias queue by using Rfhutil tool(Any third party),can you check with MQ Team about authorizations and how they creating Alias queue.Are they able to place message ? I have checked i am able to place message.If you still facing same issues please stop and start Queue manager in MQ and PI Communication channel as well.


      Ganesh Gullipalli

      Author's profile photo aishwarey varshney
      aishwarey varshney

      Hi All,


      We are getting "Error:A channel error occured.Detailed error (if any) :java.lang.NoClassFoundError:com/ibm/mq/jms/MQQueueConnectionFactory:cannot initialize class because prior initialization attempt failed at java.lang.ClassforName0(Native Method)" when we are trying to use MQ libraries 7.5 with SAP PI 7.11. Scenario is like we are trying to connect Non-JMS queue to JMS queue and using CCDT table in NON-JMS sender channel. After importing MQ 7.5 libraries, we are facing the above mentioned error and we checked the solution as well but there is no modify button under JAVA SYSTEM PROPERTIES > APPLICATIONS.
      Also are MQ 7.5 libraries compatible with PI 7.11?

      I would be really grateful if someone can point me in the right direction?

      Thanks & Regards,