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Author's profile photo Robyn Osby

How to Update SM_CRM Search Criteria to Report based on the value of a Custom Field

In this blog, I will show how to report in CRM_UI (SM_CRM) based on a new custom UI field created in AET. This is using SolMan 7.1 SP 11.

The requirement was to add a new field to the Request for Change (ZMCR) UI and allow the new field reportable in the Search Criteria.

To add the new custom UI field, I followed the steps in this post, so I won’t go into those details.

The requirement was to enable the new custom field to appear in the Search Criteria in SM_CRM here…


Tcode SM_CRM.  Confirm you have Configuration mode checked and select SAVE….


Select Change Request Management -> Requests for Change…


On the Search screen, select Show Configurable Areas…


Highlight the Search Criteria section and select…


If a Z Configuration Area does not already exist for the selected area, create one…


Select the Component Name to copy and COPY…


Confirm you are maintaining the Z business role.

Change the Usage, Type, and Subtype to <DEFAULT>. Select CONTINUE.


Select the newly created Configuration Area.

Locate the custom field that you want to show in the Search Criteria in the list of Available Search Criteria.






…error “500 SAP Internal Server Error – Exception condition “PROBLEM_WITH_QUERY raised” appeared…


In my case, I found that this error was caused by the enhancement generation not entirely completing when the custom field was added.  The new field was not found in table CRMC_REPDY.

To resolve this error, in tcode AXTSHOW, I needed to manual re-generate the enhancement.

Before re-generating, the high level was green, but the Appends and other objects were not active. I selected Generate Enhancement to complete this step.


After re-generating,  the new field was successful….


This caused the field entry to be created in table CRMC_REPDY…


Now, new field is reportable in SM_CRM…


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Robyn,

      Thanks very much. I have one question. Have you been able to resolve the issue of the custom field that you have in your selection criteria not being reported on in the output. The custom column is blank in the report. Screen dump below.


      GraemeReport Problem.jpg

      Author's profile photo Robyn Osby
      Robyn Osby
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Graeme,

      Hum. My search field is not dumping.  It appears successfully in the results...


      And the displays correctly when requesting a specific value.

      To add the field to the bottom, I just selected the Show Configuration Areas, created a new Configuration for the Business Role, and added the new field to the displayed fields.

      However, prior to updating the UI seach fields, I did enhance tcode /TMWFLOW/REPORTINGN to report the value on the SAPGui side. Did you make changes on that side? I didn't need to debug the UI side to see how it is populating the results. The enhancement is called by that tcode and by CRM_DNO_MONITOR. I'm not sure if the UI is accessing it or not.

      Author's profile photo Sudarshan B
      Sudarshan B

      Hello Robyn,

      Your post is exactly what I needed. Thanks 🙂

      However, I wanted to understand what enhancement you did in tcode /TMWFLOW/REPORTINGN ?

      Did you enhance the structure /TMWFLOW/REP2_EXPORT_DATA ?

      I would appreciate if you could provide the enhancement details that you did on the SAPGUI side.

      Thank you.



      Author's profile photo Robyn Osby
      Robyn Osby
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sud,

      Yes, for GUI reporting, we needed to also report the new fields and filter them based on parameters. To do this, I created several enhancement selections.  

      I added a custom append to structure /TMWFLOW/REP2_EXPORT_DATA with my custom fields. 

      To add the new fields as parameters, I created an enhancement section at the end of


      To add the select logic for the new fields, I created an enhancement section at the end of include /TMWFLOW/REP2_SEARCH_EXECUTE form SEARCH_EXECUTE_FOR_CRM.

      To add to the fields to the reporot, I created an enhancement section at the end of include /TMWFLOW/REP2_EXPORT_DATA form EXPORT_DATA_FOR_NORMAL.

      It was very custom, but everything was done with the enhancement sections.  Hope that helps!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Graeme,

      most guides for SAP CRM Web UI Business Transaction Search Enhancement tell you how to implement a BADI or how to hack the search query object even in cases you just want to add some simple fields as search criteria or result list field.

      Because I didn´t want to develop in cases it is not needed, I searched for a better solution. And I found it. I hope my solution will help you too.

      Kind regards,