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How to troubleshoot the Event Calculation Engine in Technical Monitoring?

If you use Technical Monitoring in Solution Manager 7.1 you should be aware of the Event Calculation Engine. The job is essential for the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure. If the job is not scheduled, no status and alert calculation is performed. It calculates monitoring status, Events and Alerts based on received Metric Instances and Event Instances an configuration information stored in the Alerting Directory. Especially it allows event correlation and propagation but also calculation of events.


You can schedule the job in the SAP Solution Manager configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP) by
performing the following step: “Basic Configuration” –>”Configure Automatically” –> “Create Alert Calculation Job”


By default, the Event Calculation Engine runs once per minute within the job

The ECE is responsible for calculating the current status based on central configuration:

  • Calculates rating for metrics based on the metric thresholds
  • Calculates the event rating based on the contributing metrics and event rules
  • Writes the current status of metrics and events to the Event + Metric Store
  • Provides the events to the Alert Consumer Connector
  • Does its calculation based on categories (Availability, Performance, Configuration
    and Exception).


1) Is the Event Calculation Engine Job running and performing?

You can find the corresponding check in Self-Monitoring under the component Event Calculation Engine – Status of the Alert Calculation Job.

The Event Calculation Engine job runs every minute under the name SAP_ALERT_CALCULATION_ENGINE
(if not changed manually), which calls the report ACE_CALCULATION_CONTROLLER. The Self-monitoring checks whether the
job had been started in the last minutes. If it has not run within the last two minutes, the status is red.


If the status is not green, you can check the following:

The job is not scheduled: Schedule the Event Calculation Engine job in the SAP Solution Manager
configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP). Configure the scenario Solution Manager Self-Monitoring in Technical Monitoring,
and go to Configure Infrastructure –> Configure Automatically, which contains the activity Create Alert Calculation Job. Switch to change
mode, select this activity and perform it, with Execute Selected.

The job is delayed or did not finish: The job is scheduled, but ran late, because there was insufficient background processing capacity to run the
scheduled jobs on time. Check the job log in the Job Overview (transaction SM37), and provide
more work processing resources, if necessary, e.g. by increasing the number of work processes.

2) Are there error messages for the Alert Calculation Engine?

If the status is not green, analyse the error messages in the Application Log, as follows:

  • Start the transaction SLG1, and enter the object E2E_ALERTING and sub object ENGINE.
  • The logs are ordered by job executions, error messages are highlighted in traffic light
  • Expand the runs in which errors occurred; and expand the rows by
  • The messages of the job run are displayed at the bottom of the window. Display the
    error message long text.

A solution is usually proposed,as well as the cause of the error. Proceed according to the text.

3) Are Housekeeping jobs running?

The housekeeping jobs have no direct impact on the MAI, but the performance of the engine job is
affected, if the housekeeping jobs are not scheduled.



If you do however experience further performance problems with the Event Calculation Engine please review the following SAP notes:

1964945 – Extended wait time for enqueue for BI reporting in Event Calculation Engine

1928160 – MAI: Optimizing the performance of event calculations

2014552 – MAI: Parallelization of Event Calculation for Better Performance

2021463 – Composite SAP Note, corrections for “Event Calculation Engine” SP12

2068288 – Long Runtime of SAP_Alert_Calculation_Engine Job in Technical Monitoring

2192841 – Status propagated from Technical Instance, Database or Host is incorrect

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      Good stuff! now we know how to properly troubleshoot, rather than trying to debug and figure out how this whole new MAI works (or worse try to run the Basic config over and over expecting a different result each time)