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SAP Business One apps on SAP HANA [Sales-Kit Demo]

This Sales-Kit Demo is an SAP Business One apps, based on HANA. It is web based SAPUI5 Application, which runs on top of HANA XS Engine.


The B1 apps on HANA demonstrates mainly 5 business modules;

  • View Business Partners, with intelligent filters, interactive with GoogleMaps and side bar dashboards for Open Deliveries and Open Orders.
  • View Sales Opportunities “Won/Lost/Pipeline” by sales employees, in a tabular and graphical layout.
  • Smart Explorer of Sales Orders “by id, by country and by customer”, integrated with Google Maps for the order’s delivery.
  • Inventory Browser by warehouse code.
  • Dashboards that contain graphical dashboards like;
    • Sales Analysis by country via GoogleMaps, with aggregation and drilling down functionality.
    • Sales Analysis by country via Bubble Charting, with aggregation and drilling down functionality.
    • Top Business Partners by Balance.
    • Top Customer Groups by Net Sales.
    • Customers Balance vs Open Deliveries.
    • Sales Opportunities dashboard by status vs number of opportunities.
      • Drill down to number of sales by Sales Persons.
      • Drill down to potential amount by Sales Persons.
    • Sales Opportunities dashboard by status vs potential amount.
  • Cockpit that represent the SAP B1 Cockpit apps on HANA, built-in the SAP B1 Client, version for SAP HANA.


See how easy it is to embed an App into the SAP Business One client and finally demonstrate the integration capabilities between the App we have developed and the SAP Business One master data:



Please download the SAP Business One App’s package. The package contains the following;

  • The B1 apps Deployment Package, for the SAP Business One Client [lightweight extension]
  • The guide for how to import, deploy and consume this App in your HANA System.


The B1 App can be accessed via the SAP Business One Portal Page;



Troubleshooting for Sales-Kit Demo App:


Issue#1: The import of Delivery Unit ends with failure.

Reason#1: No SBODEMOUS DB. The default delivery unit of Sales Kit App is referring to SBODEMOUS.
Solution: Create a DB named SBODEMOUS from B1, or export a demo DB and recovery as SBODEMOUS with the SLD.

or backup and recover with SQL. Please find more details here: 2134959 – Schema Export and Import Guide for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA


Reason#2: No execute/select/insert/update/delete privilege on SBODEMOUS

Solution: Grant execute/select/insert/update/delete privilege of SBODEMOUS with HANA Studio

=>Security=>Select the target user=>Object Privilege.


Reason#3: The company DB is not yet initialized for Analytics. Some views are dependent on the ETL_ tables created by the Analytics Initialisation.

Solution: Initialize the analytics for your B1 company schema with the Admin Console of SAP Business One Analytics



Issue#2: After importing the delivery unit of Sales Kit App successfully, the app could be open with browser. But some page show with data, some doesn’t, for example, no BP data showed in the Business Partners page. These are most likely due to some views are not activated, so are the xsodata services based on these views.


Reason#1: Some views in /B1AppDemo/HANAViews are not activated properly, you can found the views as inactive with red icon in HANA Studio. Mostly likely attribute to the three issues listed above.

Solution: After resolved the import error above, and then import the Delivery Unit again. You can double check if all views in package /B1AppDemo/HANAViews activated.

Reason#2: Some xsodata services in /B1AppDemo/ODataService are not activated, due to its dependent views are not activated.

Solution: [recommended]After resolved the import error above, and then import the Delivery Unit again.


Alternatively, you can reactivate each odata service.xsodata with steps below.

In order for the app to run successfully please re-activate all the OData Services under the app’s folder “OData Services” ,as shown in the app guide. A reactivation can be just done by adding a new empty line or adding a space so then odata service.xsodata file becomes inactive, so then when you active it, the odata service will be finally activated.


It is a showcase that has been developed by the SAP Business One Solution Architects team, and is for demonstration purposes only. The mentioned SAP Business One App on HANA is restricted to our SAP Business One Partners.


Here you go, please let me know your feedback!



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  • Hi Mostafa,

    When I attempt to import the TGZ file I receive errors.

    Attached is the screenshot of the error.

    Is it possible to send the log files if required?

    The DB version is (NewDB100_REL)
    The studio version is 1.0.7403

    Please let me know if you need more information.


    Kind Regards,

    Nick Lakasas

  • Hi Nick,

    I see that the import was successfull, but the Hana views failed to activate.

    what is your B1 Schema name? In the documentation I show how to rename the schema name in the HANA views and OData Services so then it can be activated successfullly.



    • Thanks Mostafa,

      I did continue through the document and renamed the schema SBODEMOAU (The documentation said SBODEMODE, however it actually contained SBODEMOUS).

      Although, when I login via the web browser, I only get a blank screen.

      Just to confirm, it is after this step I get a blank screen.

      I have tried with Firefox and IE.


      Kind Regards,

      Nick Lakasas

  • Hi Mostafa

    I’ve had a go at installing your Sales Kit Demo on our internal B1H system (9.1 PL05).  I have it installed and without errors (there was a space vs tab issue in one of the JScripts).  There are a lot of warnings but otherwise it appears to be fine.

    When we run-up the HTML5 page, we’re asked to login.  There’s a slight pause as though it’s retrieving data but then we’re presented with a completely blank screen.  We’re using Opera.

    I’ve had the system log my activities and I can see that indeed data is being retrieved.  I’ve also done some spot-checks to make sure that the various views that were imported are pointing at our SBODEMOGB database.

    Have you any advice?

    Many thanks and regards


    • Hi Andy,

      Did you try any of the oData services available in the App?

      Let me know if you can retrieve any data by testing the following: https://<hana-server-address&gt;:4300/B1AppDemo/ODataServices/BusinessPartners.xsodata/bp

      Let me know as well whether you used both HANA and B1 credentials to login.



      • Hi Mostafa

        Many thanks for your reply. I think it’s a permission issue but I’ll need your guidance on how to repair this. When I ran your test on the oData service, I get a 403 – Forbidden error.  Which server log do I check to help with this?

        BTW, I logged in with both my server (HDB/SYSTEM) and SBO login (manager).



  • Hi Mostafa

    I also havent been able to use it.

    First i had the privilege issue the same as Nick. I was able to solve it using:


    But after everything its activated i just get a blank screen in the browser.

    I have tried with http and https.

    Do you have any ideas??

    Regards and thanks

    Jacobo 🙂

  • Hi Mostafa,

    When i try to import on the extension manager, i browse the zipped file

    (B1appsHANA_SBO_Package) and when i click upload, but the screen keeps processing without success. Do you know what can be done?

    On the browser i was able to show the app, but in b1 not.

    Thanks and regards,

    Diogo Conte/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/xapp_764822.jpg

  • Hi,

    After fixing some troubles (Not authorized and Views which reference to ETL_… tables or views), I managed to activate the project without error.

    When I try the app, after login I also get a blank page.

    When I look in the debugger there are just like Jacobo has, error 404 within the execution of SAP UI librairies.

    Any idea ?

    • Hi,

      Pls double check the path to the SAPUI5 Core libraray, which is usually /sap/ui5/1/resources/…..Maybe it works now with you 🙂 !



  • Hi Mustafa!

    I cannot import the TGZ file. I get error message:

    Error occurred during import of delivery unit./nRepository: Encountered an internal error in the repository code, this is most likely a bug in the implementation;failed to write attached content to file: See trace file for more information

    I cannot find any more information about this error.

    We are running hana 102.03. Is the package compatible with this version?



  • Hi Mostafa,

    thanks for your job. I have only a problem. The app works well but when I select the cockpit, the flower run but nothing appens.

    Have you an idea what is it the problem?

    Thank in advance for your time.

    Best regards


  • Hi Mustafa,

    and thanks for your excellent job. I installed your app and I will use it in a hana’s demo. I have only a problem with the cockpit section. When I select the cockpit section, the dashboards and kpi defined for the user don’t appear.

    From B1 Client dashboards and kpi work correctly.

    Can you help me? Have you an idea what is the problem?

    Best regards


    • Hi Mirko,

      Thanks to your feedback. I am aware of this and still checking with the dev team. I will get back to you once any news.

      have a nice day!



    • Hi Mirko Fileni,

      It should be able to work fine.

      Maybe there are some configuration not set properly? Might want to re-setup everything again?

      But in any case, I’ve looked into the code and it’s an iFrame getting response from SBO server (url below). On a separate note, you can add a browser widget in your b1 to navigate to https://your-hana-server-ip:4300/sap/sbo/cockpit/

      Screenshot 2016-08-22 22.46.17.png

      HANA Revision –

      SBO – 9.2 PL 03

      Screenshot 2016-08-22 22.46.17.png
  • Where can I find the code for this? We are really interested in how this application is interacting with the Master Data forms in SAP Business One client