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Enhancement of GL master (Addition of new fields in FS00)

New field addition for FS00 transaction-

For example How to add new field “planning account” in FS00 .

There is no screen exit / Badi available to add the new fields / new tab in GL master screen But there is one way through customization which will add new layout and eventually new tab with required fields on it.

Steps :

Add the required field in SKB1 table using
append structure as well add field in structure GLACCOUNT_CCODE_DATA using

  1. Create new layout  in SPRO
  2. Add entries of layout in tables like TAMLAY0, TAMLAY0T,
  3. Create Z function group , add new screen with
    required fields in it.
  4. Write the logic in Function Group screen PAI and
    PB0 modules for data transfer.

Detail steps are mentioned below-

1.  Add new field “ ZZPLANACT” in Table ‘SKB1’ with append structure .

2.  Also add new field in structure ‘GLACCOUNT_CCODE_DATA’  using append structure

     That is required for data transfer purpose from screen to database and vice versa.

3.  Goto SPRO-> Financial Accounting-> General
     Ledger Accounting-> G/L Accounts-> Master Data->Preparations->Additional
     Activities->Layouts for Individual Processing->Define Layout

     Path is in screen shot.


4.   Create new layout “ZBMG” by coping the existing layout-> select the new layout and click “tab page titles” ,

      add new entry for new tab with next number and related description.

      For ex  Here new added entry is with tab 7(Additional fields)


5. Now add the new entry in table TAMLAY0 with application = “GL_MASTER “and tab layout = “ZBMG “.

    (new one created ). Entry is as below.


6.  Add the new entry in table TAMLAY1 with application = ‘GL_MASTER” , Layout = ‘ZBMG’  and tab page = ‘7’ .

     Entry is as below.


7. Add the new entry in table TAMLAY2 with application = ‘GL_MASTER’ , layout = ‘ZBMG’, tab page = 7, position = 1

    and group box = ‘V0100’ . For custom screen, Group box value is combination of ‘V’ + screen number

    that you are going to create in function group.


8. Select new entry “additional fields” and click on “position of groups on the tab pages”

     Now add new entry with position 1 and group box = ‘V0100’ (which we have already created in above step)

9. Now create new Function Group “ZFIELD” in se 80, create new screen 0100 with Required field “Planning account”

        9.1  At run time structure ‘GLACCOUNT_CCODE_DATA’ will get filled. So access this structure

               GLACCOUNT_CCODE_DATA in your field Group logic using field symbol and pass data from this structure

               to screen field in PBO  as shown below.


         *from databaseto screen

          skb1-zzplanact = <fs>.

        9.2  And In the PAI of screen pass data from screen field to this structure GLACCOUNT_CCODE_DATA.

               <fs> = skb1-zzplanact.

10. Add new entry in table ‘TAMLAYA’ with application = ‘GL_MASTER’ and function group = ‘ZFIELD’

      the one which we have created in step 9)


11. Now attach this layout to specific chart of account as shown below in the path

12. Goto SPRO-> Financial Accounting-> General Ledger Accounting-> G/L Accounts-> Master Data->Preparations->

      Additional Activities->Layouts for Individual Processing->Assign Layout to chart of account.


    Now select particular chart of account and assign the newly created layout as below.


13. After all these steps , you can see the new tab in FS00 with new field “Planning account”


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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the document and it is right through explained clearly. I am stuck with the field value passed to the data table. I am using the GL master for COA and the additional tab is fine to have the new field int able SKA1 and Structure GLACCOUNT_COA_DATA. It is the PAI and PBO where the value are not been passed. Please could you help.

    Regards, Uma.

  • Thanks for giving informative Document.I have followed all the steps mentioned but the table entry in new zfield is not saved in Table SKB1.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

      • It can be solved using the standard activity variable from FS00 program in the PBO of your subscreen.

          constants: c_input(1)       type c value '1',
                     c_noinput(1)     type c value '0',
                     c_displaymode(1) type c value '1'.
          assign ('(SAPLGL_ACCOUNT_MASTER_MAINTAIN)STATUS-ACTIVITY') to field-symbol(<fs_ctivity>).
          loop at screen.
            case <fs_ctivity>.
              when c_displaymode.
                screen-input = c_noinput.
              when others.
                screen-input = c_input.
            modify screen.
  • Despite the great post, there could be a bit of confusion with the group box assignment.

    Steps 9 and 10 should be performed before step 7 so SAP can “derive” the group boxes from the subscreens created in your function group.