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dpr_get_tree report

HI collegues.

I ve implemented report DPR_GET_TREE, that was awesome

After using have questions, could you help me.

For example, I am interested in how report could find records:

– in the table DPR_BUPA_LINK, using as object of search Project GUID

– in the table DPR_PART, using as object of search Project GUID

BR, Alexey

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  • Hi Alexey,

    thanks for your comments. I am happy to known, that you like this report.

    The report retrieves the structure hierarchy at first. If you enter a project guid, all the guids of the project elements  (which you see at the structure view after expand all ) + all the roles and their staffing.  The table cgpl_hierarchy is used to get this information.

    After all the structure  elements are known, then other tables are selected using primary key or foreign key. Often using  statement ‘  …. for all entries in  lt_heirarchy. ‘

    DPR_BUPA_LINK & DPR_PART are retrieved in this way.

    P.S: do you known, if you donot enter anything, the last-used project is used.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Zhenbo.

      Thanks for your answer.

      I ve decided that it is CGPL_ENTITY table, where CGPL_ENTITY-OBJECT_TYPE = ‘MTG’, CGPL_ENTITY-PROJECT_GUID=GUID of Project, consist DPR_PART-GUIDS as CGPL_ENTITY-CGPL_GUID. Unfortunatelly i did not find key in the CGPL_HIERARCHY.

      BR, Alexey.