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Your Thoughts on SuccessFactors Offboarding Integration with SAP ERP HCM

My product colleagues Ganesh Kudva and Yamini Polisetty are currently working with the SuccessFactors Offboarding team on the design of SuccessFactors Offboarding integration with SAP ERP HCM. We see this as an important next step after building the SuccessFactors Onboarding integration with SAP ERP HCM in February 2015.

While we are already discussing this with some customers and have a point of view and a design in mind, we would like to get your thoughts and inputs on the offboarding process and the data you would like to bring to SAP ERP HCM. If you are a current SAP ERP HCM customer who sees value in offboarding tools and would like a near real time integration of data from such a tool with SAP ERP HCM, or a partner working with such a customer, we would like to listen to your needs and ensure that we meet as much as we can to reduce the time, risk and cost it takes to built this integration.

Please leave a comment here or email me at my work address. My work email is

If you believe offboarding is not worth implementing or integrating with your Core HR system, have a look at what our partner Aasonn has to say about the value of offboarding tools.

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      Author's profile photo Sven Ringling
      Sven Ringling

      Definitely worth building!

      Whilst Onboarding's got a much sexier ring to it, I'd see a good Offboarding tool as just as important for 3 reasons:

      - going wrong, it can leave you ditting on a pile of cost incl court bills

      - a clean offboarding process, which avoids creating bad blood closes the cycle in a good way and does feed into your recruitment marketing - not only since popular websites have allowed  employees to rate their ex-employers ("those clowns took 3 months to provide a written reference, but well: they forgot to claim back an advance payment from my last trip and I surely didn't remind them ;-)" doesn't make a good read

      - not following the right process can leave you short of loan items, overpayments, manpower due to surprises in leave accounts, or loads of cash, when taken to court for compensation

      In terms of integration, there may be more data from on-prem to be sent to cloud than the other way round depending on the architecture you follow. I'd expect the following infos to be fed into Offboarding. Much of this would sit in Employee Central rather than on-prem, if EC is used:

      (I assume the process starts before the final decision, if ER triggered to include the admin elements of a layoff decision - quite important in countries with heavy regulation)

      - Offb needs to see info about verbal and written warnings to alert users, if they seem not to comply with procedures (risking high compensation claims for unfair dismissal)

      - offb needs to know contractual notice periods to warn users and possibly even alert of a "window of opportunity" to give notice to someone on final warning or marked as possible layoff candidate (think of countries where you find notice periods of 5 months, but last day of a quarter being the only possible lasy working day

      - Offb should see what the EE owes the company (overpayments, advance, loans, equipment, trip data to capture, workitems in their workflow inbox, documents to e-sign,...)

      - offb should see all leave accounts and alert the manager of actual working days left for handover etc (again, more important in Europe than countries where you tend to send EEs packing on the day you give notice

      - offb should provide the EE with accrss to all statutory forms

      - it should allow HR or line manager with tools from payroll to simulate severance pay or pension, when negotiating with E

      And some thoughts for other way round:

      - send notice info to payroll etc incl user admin

      - send info to finance, if FALs change or are taken away completely during notice period

      - transfer payments (severence, en lieu of notice, pay off leave ent.) and pension arrangements to payroll

      - alert payroll manager if an iminent, but not yet approved leaving action lingers, when they clise payroll, so they can liaise with the colleague responsible to see, whether that should still go into payroll run.

      Just a few thoughts - not from one particular customer, but years of observing cursing HR, payroll, finance and user admin managers about poor communication and poorly integrated processes. You've probably heatd mist of it, if not everything, before, but maybe you find an interesting nugget.

      Best wishes - looking forward to seeing the solution,


      Author's profile photo Sven Ringling
      Sven Ringling

      Sorry for typos - just in a cab on mobile phone 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      I appreciate the detailed response and insight Sven. I shared your thoughts with the product owner Ganesh Kudva.

      Author's profile photo Ganesh Kudva
      Ganesh Kudva

      Thanks a lot for the valuable inputs.  I tried to filter the integraiton requirements and came up with following list:

      • Offboarding actually can start even before the employee separation is finalized” (resignation submitted but not yet accepted):  The actual starting trigger for offboarding (selection of user) can be done in offboarding product. Once the process is complete in Offboarding -> termination is carried out in the SAP HCM.  Is this the use case you are looking at?
      • Offboarding needs to display the employee dues.  For e.g., Leave quota, Loans etc.”
      • Offboarding must display the last payment for the employee” – SAP HCM can supply this information by simulating the last payroll run.  However, we can do this only when the actual Termination action is carried out in SAP HCM.  If not, this information may not be available (may be not required as well - it is not yet decided that the person leaves). 
      • Hold settlement until offboarding is completed” – I think this can be managed in SAP HCM by locking employees for payroll.  But, this makes sense only if the termination is finalized (so dependent on 1).  Do you have insights from your clients, how do they block the settlement for employees in SAP HCM? 
      • "Get all the dues from Finance" - do you have any examples here? How do customer manage to dervie this in their SAP systems?
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Agree to comments from Ganesha. The off-boarding should seamlessly integrate with Employee Central or SAP ERP triggering the process on Resignation approval event for initiating the Full and Final Settlement. The tool should be flexible to have the task added to the workflow as required by the organisation in specific country and monitoring and reminders for the tasks. System should have ability to store exit interview information and track alumini status.Information from Exit survey should be integrated with analytics to see trends with attrition and specific questions replied.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      What Ganesh Kudva says is interesting. Managers and HR might even be able to see the offboarding tasks ( and implications) before the separation process starts. Looks like we are differentiating between offboarding and separation. In some countries, the offboarding period can last for months.

      Another area this might be useful is when a person goes on a fellowship to another team for a few months. There is no separation, but there may be some offboarding tasks. This is an area where there is a lot of scope for innovation. BTW, these are just thoughts. Does not mean we are building all these things.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Prashanth, we have a requirement to implement the off-boarding process in SF, what is the official line of SAP right now, is it available or will be available in future. So we can set the expectations, I would appreciate your help. Thanks. Haroon

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Haroon Mirza Offboarding product integration with SAP ERP HCM is planned for release this year. Who are you implementing offboarding for?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Prashanth, We been asked by few clients, Europe and Middle East, I will send you an email with more details as some of the names are still under progress. Thanks. Haroon

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      Former Member


      Make sure you plan for an offboarding process that is after the employee has terminated. There are so many times that Managers have let go employees without any notice to payroll and finance. Then there is the whole mess of trying to payout the employee correctly.

      So I hope you can cater for all this too 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Team,

      We look forward to using the SAP HCM to Offboarding Integration.

      FYI We think the new integration from EC to Offboarding is a great enhancement however we are struggling working through configuring the Offboarding Module for a client, with very little information in the implementation guide (even for the standard fields required for standard panels). We would appreciate it if you can send any additional information you may have to help us configure this functionality. Likewise would like we are happy to offer our help and suggestions on how to improve the product based on our experience of other onboarding products and feedback from our customers.

      Our client primarily plans to use Offboarding for an employee self service Exit Survey (not an interview) and would like to only create Offboarding processes for certain employee types and certain termination types. Managers are not expected to be involved in this process as the nature of the survey responses are confidential and for HR only.

      Currently there is no option to trigger EC to Offboarding Integration based on Employee Type or other attributes (Similarly there is also no option to filter bizX pre-day 1 activities by employee type etc).

      For both EC to Offboarding and SAP HCM to Offbaording the ability to insert business logic to determine whether or not to trigger EC/SAP HCM to Offboarding Integration and when to trigger integration is critical to customer adoption for the following reasons:

      - Not all employee types require offboarding

      - Some types of Offboarding are confidential and should not be visible in onboarding to a later date.


      This functionality could be managed via the  Business Rules engine in EC and the perhaps via the utilisation of Business Rules Framework in SAP HCM.

      The other achilles heel of Onboarding/Offboarding other than cross module integration is the fact that the BizX reporting suite/ORD is not available to report on Onboarding/Offboarding Data and ONB module reporting functionality is quite basic.

      The other achilles heel of ONB (and many other modules) is that parts of the system have been designed around a single named recipient/assignee receiving access to a particular activity. For example ONB process step assignment is primarily restricted to HR Manager, Recruiter and Hiring Manager named users. Tasks cannot be assigned to a workgroup/workcentre as a whole eg Recruitment Team, HR Team which means users/implementors have to come up with workarounds like proxying into dummy users in order to centralise activities.

      Thanks again for reaching out to us and I hope my feedback has been constructive. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss further.

      Kind Regards,

      Will Sheers