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Workaround: 1979656 – Menu “Open from Repository” of Live Office 4.x in Excel 2010 is disabled by default

Hey Gang


When we installed Live Office 4.1 SP3 we found out that the “Open from Repository” in Excel 2010 is disabled.

So we went to check the notes and we found a nice note (ADAPT01719365) that was exactly our problem.

Soon after we found the note we realized that this issue will only be fixed for 4.1 SP4.

We tryed installing Live Office 4.1 SP4, however 1 important testcase failed -> “Database delegated search” ist not working.

Whilst our servers are on 4.1 SP3 we felt that we dont update the servers just for Live Office.

So we found out that we could enable the “Open from Repository” button Live Office 4.1 SP3.

This can be done be simply adding a new workbook to the excel or close the workbook and open a new.

Here is our workaround:

We created a Excel-Makro to simply add a workbook and set the focus on the “Live Office” Ribbon again.

1. Create a new Excel-File with makro “.xlsm”

2. Press Alt-F11 to open VBA Editor

3. Add macro to the Worksheet:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

   ‘ add workbook

    Dim wkbMappe As Workbook

    Set wkbMappe = Workbooks.Add

    ‘ select live office ribbon

    Application.SendKeys “%L%”

End Sub

4. Now there are several ways to include this xlsm file to the start of Live Office.

    We run Live Office through Citrix.

4.1 Option1: Run Excel (Live Office) through command line

      start excel.exe /r “c:\LiveOfficeFix.xlsm”

      The /r option will start the makro file in Read-Mode.

      However to avoid the “Activate Macro” dialog will appear if you do no copy the file in a “trusted directory”.

4.2 Option2: Run xlsm file as autostart

      Simply put the xlsm file in the following folder:

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\XLSTART

      Excel will autostart the makrofile.

      If the directory is writable by users, you probable go better with 4.1.

In our case we used option 4.2 since users do not have the right to modify in the Office Directory.

For us this saved a lot of work 😉

What I do not understand is: Why the h3ll did SAP not include the fix in 4.1 SP3.

Would have saved a lot of time.

Ah and btw. do not try 4.1 SP5 Live Office with 4.1 SP3 server. You cant insert Webi documents in LiveOffice no more.

Stay on SP3 🙂 Also if component version of LO is not the same as the server – SAP wont support you 😉



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