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Simple is the new Gold!

Wow, long time without blogging here, but now is time to talk about a new pattern that is a game changer, something that is so common that nobody stop to see and evaluate, and something that is called Simple.

Yes, Simple and Simplicity are the new Gold, so now please forget about those phrases like “...To manage today’s system complexity, that’s old and inaccurate, really, and here you have some examples that hope open your mind:

1-. Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurants:


Months ago, it catch my attention an article saying that this new fast-food restaurant is moving the market share, they are preferred by the public and specially millennial s instead of traditional fast food.

Then I saw this documentary and realize something critical in their business model: “the SIMPLE”, yes simple and minimalist menu, a very simple decoration, a very simple offer and all together with a clear message “we give you the highest quality food, and they found the gold in the simple

Consumers are drawn to its high quality food and the “Food with Integrity” motto where the company sources from socially responsible vendors. Chipotle Mexican Grill’s commitment to food quality and public relations translated into excellent fundamentals with revenue, net income, and free cash flow increasing 24%, 8%, and 49% respectively last quarter. The company sits on an excellent balance sheet with cash clocking in at 25% of stockholder’s equity and no long-term debt.

In my last trip to the United States I was able to visit one Chipotle restaurant by myself and validate this concept, and yes, is great, simple and they got a long queue in front of me

But the most impressive was the way how they are hiring, just apply from your phone:


2-. Medium, the blogging platform:

The question is: in 2014, who in their mind will create a blogging platform? Come on! everybody use Worldpress or even we have experts using Blogger like the SAP Mentor Twan van den Broek the guys behind Medium make it, they based their platform in simplicity and now the best journalists and even some SAP Mentors like Mark Finnern are using it.

The key: Simplicity


3-. Wix:

This is particularly interesting as many old friends, former SAP employees are part of this company now. Wix is simple, easy to use and responsive to your device and demand, they keep the “simple” in a highest level of commitment that their Super Bowl advertising motto was #itsthateasy


4-. SAP Business Suite 4 for HANA #S4HANA:

Just released yesterday, it’s the latest product and innovation for SAP, the key is Run Simple, the tool SAP HANA, I’m pretty sure you will read about it several blogs now on.


So, you can see then that when few years ago, SAP moved to Run Simple with SAP HANA, it was the right way, beside some analyst comments and some HANA skeptics, simple is the new gold, there is no chance to survive in the millennial’s age with a complex landscape, hard-to-build integration and boring on-premise large data-centers, the market is changing and you need to adapt to it, so quoting Bruce Lee I will say Be Simple my friend

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      Jacinto Cho

      Hola Luis Felipe

      Estas actualmente siendo mentor? Ando buscando un mentor en SAP Fiori, me podrias ayudar?

      Author's profile photo Luis Felipe Lanz
      Luis Felipe Lanz
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      Hola Jacinto,

      Lamento la demora, te he enviado un mensaje directo, por favor responde y te ayudamos con este tema

      Gracias y Saludos, Luis