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Packaged Integrations For Talent Hybrid Deployment Model In the 1502 Release

The following packaged integrations that support the Talent Hybrid deployment model are now available.

As of integration add-on 3.0 SP02, the following new enhancements are available:

A packaged integration to support SuccessFactors Variable Pay with SAP ERP HCM

Customers can now import variable pay calculated in SuccessFactors to SAP ERP HCM. When the imported data is activated in SAP ERP HCM, the employee master data in SAP ERP HCM is updated and the variable pay is paid to employees through the SAP ERP HCM payroll process.

When the variable pay process is complete, you can use a cleanup utility to delete the employee log and extraction history in SAP ERP HCM.

variable Pay integration with SAP ERP HCM.png

A packaged integration to support SuccessFactors Onboarding with SAP ERP HCM

Customers can now import employee data from SuccessFactors Onboarding to SAP ERP HCM. Customers can use the imported data to hire employees or to update existing pre-hire data. A cleanup utility is available to delete the imported data when it is no longer required in SAP ERP HCM.

onboarding integration with sap erp.png

These enhancements require you to map the SuccessFactors data objects and fields for variable pay and onboarding

Prerequisites for implementing Variable Pay and Onboarding Packaged Integrations

Customers should implement the standard integration scenario for employee data before implementing the above packaged integrations. The standard integration scenarios for variable pay and onboarding data require the employees to already be available in SuccessFactors.

Integration Technology

The data is transferred exclusively using enterprise application integration (middleware) technology. The middleware content is shipped as SAP Process Integration (PI) content.

SuccessFactors Learning Curricula Integration with SAP Qualifications now supports SAP Process Integration (PI)

As of integration add-on 3.0 SP02, customers can use SAP Process Integration as the middleware for the connecting SuccessFactors Competencies and SuccessFactors Learning Curricula with SAP Qualifications

learning curricula integration with sap qualifications pi.png

Documentation and Customer Discussion material.

All the packaged integrations discussed above are part of the SAP SuccessFactors Integration Add-On 3.0. The administration guide is available at

Ganesh Kudva, the product owner and I have written white papers for Variable Pay integration and Onboarding integration. They are available in the SAP internal and partner Jam groups.

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  • Thanks Prashanth for the valuable summary. We are going to use the Onboarding at a client shortly, and possibly the Learning now it is available for SAP PI.

  • Prashanth, Thanks for the post and the high level summary. This package seems to have a wider spectrum of functionaries as compared to Add-on 2.0.

    Look forward to implementing it….soon. 

  • Agreed — the summary alone is “worth the price of admission”.  We are being asked @ every client in the Middle East, Turkey, and India to integrate more and more.  The ability to reuse existing integrations is often missed.

    Also, I am sure everyone will be happy to know that easily 80% of our new clients are going with EC.

    Thanks again for these updates!

  • Hi Prashanth,

    Thanks for sharing this great information. We went live last week on a multi country roll out for RCM and ONB. It was a great success except for the integrations 🙂 : RCM to ONB , RCM to SAP etc. This client uses SAP HCM as their HRIS and are very interested to implement HCI to integrate with RCM/ONB soon. Please keep us posted on these developments. I may reach out to you for more information when we get closer to implement HCI.



    • Hi Rinky,

      Congratulations on your successful implementation and roll-out! I wanted to ask a question on any specific reason client is opting for HCI vs Middleware PI; considering PI is already part of the landscape there (I am guessing it is).

      Regards, Kaushal

      • Hi Kaushal,

        Thanks ! This client already has SAP HANA Cloud Integration available in their landscape and are upgrading to EHP7 for SAP ERP 6.0. They currently use HANA for other modules. Yes SAP and SF ONB integration is not available in HCI currently. However SAP and RCM integration is available in HCI under the SAP -SF Rapid Deployment Solution V3.607

        SAP Service Marketplace – SAP ERP HCM Integration to SuccessFactors

        We are trying to integrate SAP HCM and RCM in phase 1, for vacancies in SAP ERP HCM, transfer the hired applicants (internal and external) to SAP ERP HCM and monitor the transfer. Hopefully by end of 2015 SAP and ONB integration will be available in HANA cloud integration as well.