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New Fiori Apps for HCM

Last week, we released 9 HCM apps for Employees and Managers with Fiori Wave 7. The HCM apps have been bundled and are delivered as SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0. The bundle includes the apps

  1. People Profile
  2. Employee Look-up including organizational view
  3. My Team Calendar
  4. My Leave Requests (Version 2)
  5. My Timesheet (Version 2)
  6. My Paystubs (Version 2)
  7. My Benefits (Version 2)
  8. Approve Leave Requests (Version 2)
  9. Approve Timesheets (Version 2)

The first 3 apps are completely new apps. The other six apps which are indicated as version 2 are revamped versions of the existing HCM Fiori apps. The version 2 enhancements reflect the customer feedback we had received for the existing apps.

Now let’s take a closer look at the new apps.

1. People Profile

People Profile enables employees to display an overview of their own information. They can also view their company profile, organizational and communication details as well as navigate to the employee hierarchy.

Depending on configuration, a user can see:

• Personal information

• Missing/incomplete time recording and the next upcoming leave

• Own pay slips

• Own salary and bonus information

• Upcoming courses

• Qualifications and skills information

• Performance information

• Progression in the company

For customers who are on SAP enhancement package 7 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS02 or higher, the following additional features are available

• Managers can view notes they have created in the Employee Profile

• Managers and Employees can view notifications

People Profile with Notifications.jpg

The People Profile includes different sections for What’s New, Talent information, Compensation, Notes, and Personal Information. The user can either scroll down or directly jump to another area by clicking/tapping on the section headers at the top. As the user scrolls down, the header area shrinks to a single line in order to save screen space.

People Profile 2.jpg

From the People Profile app, a user can directly access other apps

• Employee Lookup

• My Timesheet (Version 2)

• My Leave Requests (Version 2)

• My Paystubs (Version 2)

2. Employee Lookup

In the Employee Lookup app, users can search for an employee and view

• the employee’s organizational and communication details

• the reporting line of the selected employee

• the employee’s direct reports

After launching the app, the user can either search for an employee or view his/her own team.

Employee Lookup.jpg

Both options offer an org chart view with the option to navigate up and down the reporting line.

Employee Lookup 3.jpg

3. My Team Calendar

In the Team Calendar app, users can view the upcoming leaves and trainings of their peers or direct reports. The team calendar also displays working and non-working days and holidays of the peers or direct reports. By default, only those employees who have events are shown, with an option to display all employees.

Team Calendar.jpg

On a desktop or tablet, a period of 2 weeks is shown, whereas 1 week is displayed on mobile devices.

Team Calendar iPhone.jpg

What is required to install SAP Fiori for ERP HCM 1.0?

The blog What’s new in ‘SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0’ provides information on the required add-ons and roles.

Where to Find Additional Information?

Additional information is available here

What’s Next?

In our next blog, we will talk about the enhancements in the six version 2 apps. Stay tuned!

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  • Gertrud-

    Thanks for putting this out this blog to let us know what the latest Fiori apps look like.  Looks like the SAP team has been busy.  These apps look compelling.  Can’t wait to see them live.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Wow ….another step forward …this is excellent …..UI are looking extraordinary … mysellf also recently done set up with EHP 7 ready to do all these things in my system .

    Thank you.

  • Very coooool UX experience!! This is what we want see! 😎

    But, just to cover the overall HCM Process could have also something else related to HCM P&F features designed by Fiori?

    Thank you.



  • /
    Новый точечный рисунок.png
    • Hello Luis,

      This is not an either/or question. The nine Fiori apps described in this post are based on SAP HCM on-Premise. But, as Vasiliy pointed out in an earlier comment, SuccessFactors is also gradually moving to Fiori. So you can get the Fiori user experience with both HCM on-Premise and SuccessFactors.

      Best regards,


  • Thanks Gertrud.

    That is pretty exciting, in particular for all the hybrid customers – with a “fiorized” SuccessFactors and Fiori apps for On Premise, there should not be the feeling of accessing different systems, but a harmonized experience.

    After all, the user has no need to know what he/she is accessing, but just want a great UX, with easy-to-follow applications and actions.

  • Hi Gertrud!

    Do you know when the next wave will available? Escpecially I am interested in the clock-in clock-out app.

    Is a meeting in Walldorf similar to our meeting in December planned for the next weeks/months?

    Best regards,

    Gregor Brandstätter

  • Hi,

    For the People Profile apps, does it required any additional components for searching the employee details? Would like to know as just in case there is a searching components that need to be installed in SAP as pre-requisities.


  • Hi Gertrud,

    I’m deploying the SAP Fiori ESS and MSS applications. Within the People Profile app I’m missing something that I reckon is quite useful nowadays: Change your Bank Details and perhaps add a Contact Details section where you can see and update your address among other personal details.

    I guess you can update those details when using HCM ESS functionality.

    There is any chance to easily add those functionalities through an enhancement (ie: BAdi – HCM_B_PEP_PROF).

    Do you know if it is planned to cover those functionalities in a near future??

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the important information.  Need clarification for SAP Fiori.  Should require technical knowledge like ABAP/WD OR SAP HCM Functional consultant can work on SAP Fiori.

    Best Regards,

    Santosh Shivane