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What’s in a Name?

I read a great SCN status update a few weeks ago by Steve Rumsby which turned into a very lively discussion amongst community members about word pronunciations.  Pronouncing SAP (ESS-AY-PEE) as sap to a fellow SAP-er may not be deemed as the ‘correct’ way, but we understand it.  Pronouncing  SAP as sap to someone not familiar, well they are either thinking you are speaking of tree sap or you may be a fool.  🙂    It immediately got me thinking how easily names can be misconstrued even if that was not the original intention.  

Where am I going with this you ask?


Let’s back track to a few years ago.   At that time, our SAP Product Support teams were branching out into the social media world.  We had created 2 separate twitter accounts.  These two accounts held very specific roles when they began.  @SAP_Gsupport focused primarily on the technical side of
SAP support, providing links to product support specific notes and KBAs.  @SAPSupportCE focused on providing information on SAP support services, events, and how to get in touch with SAP support.

Through the years, a few things happened.  The lines began to blur.  People were confused by which account to reach out to for questions.  Both accounts received the same types of requests and inquiries.  It became obvious that our accounts original purpose was not the same as when it began. So how do we move forward?

We contacted some of our SAP Product Support Twitter followers to provide us with their unbiased thoughts and insights into our social media accounts, and I was delighted by the spirited responses and encouragement we received.  It’s great to have this spirit of camaraderie, and I feel is something that we should definitely highlight whenever we get the chance.

So what was the outcome?  2 main changes coming your way!

First up, the user name @SAPSupportCE is changing to @SAPSupportHelp.  Why?  In talking with our followers, CE was not understood by many.  If they did have to venture a guess, it was not Customer Experience. 🙂   We thought CE was a familiar term, but we made the wrong assumption.  So in the spirit of community, we asked for suggestions.  The first suggestion from followers was @SAPSupport, but unfortunately, that was taken, so when asked for the next best option, @SAPSupportHelp was a clear winner.  

Second change, we are consolidating or ‘simplifying’ our two twitter accounts into one.  @SAP_Gsupport will be closed by the end of February, and we will use @SAPSupportHelp as our sole SAP Product Support twitter account moving forward.  As stated earlier, the lines between the two accounts had been blurred, and this will make it easier for individuals to connect with us.


I’d like to thank all of our followers who have engaged with us and helped us make this leap into the next stage of our social portfolio.  We look forward to connecting with you on SAP Support topics, and encourage you to follow us at @SAPSupportHelp.

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      Author's profile photo Peter Monaghan
      Peter Monaghan

      Throughout the years many large-scale providers have over-thought their Service/Support department names during their "Inspiration" phase. I won't name names but some had come up with names so intimidating that I was almost afraid to call in because I felt my issue was not worthy enough. I have always been a firm believer of KISS when it comes to Service/Support, and I am a big fan of the direction SAP Support has been taking the past 5 years I have been involved with them.

      Author's profile photo Kristen Scheffler
      Kristen Scheffler
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for the comment and the support Pete!  It is much appreciated 🙂

      Author's profile photo Steve Rumsby
      Steve Rumsby

      That was a fun discussion! If it was in any way an inspiration for simplification that's even better 🙂