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Welcome S4HANA!!! Full Summary of Global Launch from Wall Street

S4HANA, the new ERP from SAP powered by HANA was launched today globally at Wall Street Stock Exchange in New York City.


WallStreet Stock Exchange openning bell on the day of S4HANA global launch.

Bill McDermott

The presentation had an introductory speech from SAP’s CEO, Bill McDermott, who explained how everything started back in back in 2010, where SAP knew they have a great product, the SAP Business Suite. However they also realized that the environment was changing around them and the company had to adapt.

In this direction, from that moment till now SAP has taken steps towards adapting to the new realities, new needs and the evolution in technology. Then SAP opened up to Mobiliy…then HANA…  then Cloud…then Global business network…then Ariba…then FieldGlass…then Concour…

Today it has come the time to change the base of everything, the core, the ERP… It has come the time for S4HANA.


SAP CEO, Bill McDermott

Then, Hasso Platnner, Chairman of SAP, creator or SAP HANA, was called on the stage. “Dr.Hasso Plattner will present S4HANA”.

Hasso Plattner

Hasso Plattner made the first introduction of S4HANA:

S = stands for Simple
4 = fourth generation
HANA = In-memory database-platform

Hasso explained how SAP HANA has been the complete game changer, the zero response time system, the one who unites OLTP and OLAP in a single system, allowing real-time analytics on OLTP.


SAP Chairman, Hasso Plattner

Hasso pointed that the the first challenge to be addressed by HANA was performance,at all levels. The second challenge was to adapt the applications to take full advantage of HANA.

In this context adapting the ERP to a new fully HANA optimized application has been a big task. The old ERP had some know and necessary pitfalls, like the necessary data redundancy of totals and aggregate tables.


S4HANA reduces the data footprint by elimination of Total’s tables.

Key Benefits

Since one image it worth more than 1000 words…


S4HANA Key Benefits

Simplified Landscape – All Applications in ONE system

One of the biggest moves forward with SAP S4HANA is that all applications that run on top of the ERP, like CRM, BW, PLM,SRM, etc. will run in the same system as the ERP S4HANA, offering a massive landscape simplification.


Simpified Landscape of Applications with S4HANA

S4HANA offers Configuration – Pre-configuration

S4HANA will include a Configuration section, which will contain pre-configured settings and objects, like for example Chart of Accounts, which will allow a very fast configuration, and lots of configuration steps that will be done by the system.


S4HANA Configuration Menu

Real-time Analytics in the Transactional System (OLAP in OLTP)

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest breakthroughs of SAP HANA is the ability to bring together OLAP and OLTP in one single system. In this context, Hasso has presented some sample analysis in a system with 230 million records that run in milliseconds.


S4HANA offers amazing Analytic capabilities in the OLTP system.

Another very interesting feature offered by S4HANA is the free text analytics, where the user can enter a free text string and run analytics for it.

Analytics, Geospatial, Data Streaming, Real-time Alerts

S4HANA will also benefited of all the HANA capabilities like Geospatial Engine, Data Streaming capabilities, IoT, Predictive Analytics or Unstructured data analytics, Then, offering them together with the real-time transactional data can enable very interesting advanced analytics scenarios. In the example below, the pictures show a sample of Logisctics real-time analytics with Geospatial, show from an iPad.


S4HANA Logistics Real-Time Analytics with geospatial

Below, in the same analytic scenario we can see how Data Streaming from sensors in the machines show real-time alerts:



The alerts will also give information of the asset:



Smartwatch integration

Then, those alerts could be even be visualized through our SmartWatch:


An Smart-watch receiving live alerts from sensors streaming data

This is just the beggining of a new and very exciting journey. More information will come in the next days/weeks.

SAP has already made available the S4HANA website:

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