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SAPGUI 7.50 and Access Method in Frontend Printing

All too often, I come across client printing issues, and I guess old habits die hard πŸ˜‰ .

One of the most common issues from the GUI is using the incorrect Access Method for the GUI.

Since 46C and higher, the recommend Access Method for Frontend Printing is Access Method G, which uses the Control technology from Windows.

If you are getting SAPLPD error messages as a popup when attempting to print, the chances are high that you are using the incorrect Access Method.


The first thing to check in the system is SPAD => “Devices / servers” tab -> “Output Devices => Type “LOCL” (without the quotes) into the field and click “display”.NB! This is for issues with Local printer (Windows printer) only.


The “DeviceAttributes Tab will show the following information.


In the “Access Method” tab, check the dropdown menu for “Host Spool Access Method” for the printer. The supported Host Spool Access method should show G:Front End Printing with Control Tech. as the dropdown item and __DEFAULT as the “Host printer”.


If it shows “F:Printing on Front End Computer”, then change this by pressing F8 (display change), and selecting Access Method G if you plan to print from the client printer.


Save and exit the SPAD program.

To avoid any popups with Access Method G active, please ensure your kernel patch is at least to the level specified

in the note


Be aware that this access method has limitations, and is not suitable for background or mass printing.

Mass printing should use access methods S, C in Windows, orΒ  U or L Unix/Linux.

More information can be found with the following notes:

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