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SAP Launches Big Data Rapid-deployment Solution powered by SAP HANA

Emerging technology themes like the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Smart Factory, along with the continued expansion of enterprise technology systems and the growing magnitude of customer interaction data, are opening new opportunities for companies to innovate closer to markets and customers.



SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence RDS will allow companies to jump start into Big Data solutions based on HANA, and leverage semantic (unstructured), event stream and signal intelligence scenarios in as fast as 4-6 weeks deployment time.

The SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence rapid-deployment solution allows businesses to acquire, analyze and present data quickly and affordably from a variety of sources in order to evolve with changing market environments. The new rapid-deployment solutioncombines the SAP HANA platform, SAP Event Stream Processor, and optionally SAP IQ software and the Apache Hadoop software library. It optimizes information processing for a wide range of data types and scenarios, providing businesses with an integrated platform for real-time analysis, aggregation and visualization of business-critical data. Leveraging the application and in-memory database features of the SAP HANA platform to integrate structured and unstructured data, the new rapid-deployment solution enables customers to organize, access and wield Big Data quickly to create insight-to-action opportunities. SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence rapid-deployment solutionincludes templates for typical Big Data use cases. These templates help customers jump-start their exploration and implementation of Big Data use cases to accelerate dramatically time to value at a reduced cost.

SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence

SAP HANA Platform for Big Data – Adoption made easy by Rapid-Deployment-Solution

Stream intelligence, sentiment intelligence and signal intelligence represent three common Big Data scenarios. The rapid-deployment solution addresses all three of them with preconfigured content. Stream intelligence allows customers to monitor incoming events, receive instant issue notifications and predict hit profiles on critical Web sites in real time. Sentiment intelligence helps users gain direct insight from the most vocal constituents to aid in delivering personalized, targeted experiences, thus creating more responsive engagement with the ecosystem. Based on the latest IoT data, signal intelligence provides maintenance forecasting features as well as providing insights on the status of manufacturing equipment or transformers in the utility space.

“This solution helps our customers make sense of their Big Data and provides preconfigured content and highly applicable Big Data use cases as templates to jump-start their Big Data implementations,” said Elvira Wallis, senior vice president, Solution and Knowledge Packaging, SAP. “By leveraging the power of SAP HANA, this new rapid-deployment solution allows our customers to realize and grasp the power of Big Data to help simplify and grow their business.”

SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence-ComponentView

SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence-Component View

SAP® Rapid Deployment solutions

Simplify the implementation of SAP solutions in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid landscapes with predictable business outcomes at lower cost. They accelerate the deployment of new solutions with key technology and business features to help companies solve business problems and go live fast. Interested parties can participate in a free course on the OpenSAP platform from SAP organizes an open online course entitled “Rapid Deployment of SAP Solutions”, starting on January 27, which provides insights on how best practices, proven methodologies and preconfigured content make adoption of SAP innovations simple. For enrollment please visit the course page.

Business Benefits

  • Leverage a holistic and integrated big data platform
  • Make big data implementation projects predictable and executable in terms of scope, cost, time and resources
  • Use both structured and unstructured data to understand your customers and respond to opportunities
  • Monitor machine-to-machine communication and drive appropriate responses, such as repair and maintenance operations
  • Analyze transformer load by geography, load spikes, and the resulting loss of life for transformers

Business Challenges

  • Storing and processing ever increasing volumes of data in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Increasing the speed by which you need to collect, process and deliver data to users
  • Leveraging multiple data formats, including non-structured data such as comments across social media
  • Keeping everything, not only high value data
  • Coping with data requirements in an effective and efficient way
  • Understanding the wide range of heterogeneous and non-integrated tools

Software Requirements

  • Semantic Intelligence scenario
  • Required software:
  • SAP HANA Platform Edition 1.0
  • SAP Data Services 4.1
  • Optional:
  • SAP CRM 7.0
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.0
  • SAP Lumira 1.0
  • SAP Solution Manager 7.0
  • Stream Intelligence for Web Stream Analysis scenario
  • Signal Intelligence for Monitoring and Predictive Analysis scenario
  • Required software:
  • SAP HANA Platform Edition 1.0
  • SAP ESP Platform V5.1
  • Optional:
  • SAP IQ Platform
  • SAP Solution Manager 7.0
  • Signal Intelligence for Transformer Load Analysis scenario
  • Required software:
  • SAP HANA Platform Edition 1.0
  • For details, see RDS Software Requirements document and SAP Note 1956985

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