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SAP APO SAP PM Integration

This document should be used as a reference to understand the SAP APO <> SAP PM Integration which will allow for the maintenance orders to be reflected on the APO Planning Board. The maintenance orders on the APO Planning Board are to request for capacity to be blocked on the production work center for maintenance as well as providing visibility to the maintenance schedule.

Requirement:  The Production Planners to have visibility of planned maintenance work against the production resource and the Maintenance Planners to have visibility to the APO planning board so they can schedule the maintenance work based on the availability of the production resource.

Below steps enable the setup required to fulfil the above requirement.

  • Identify the maintenance order types which need to be sent to SAP APO.
  • On the ERP side for SAP PM you need to maintain the Production (PP) Work Center on the Equipment master record (transaction code IE02).
    • The PP Work Center will go in the Work Center field on the Location tab.


  • The PM Work Center is in the Main Work Center field on the Organisation tab.


  • Configure and setup the CIF in SAP APO (CIF is the interface which enables data to be exchanged between SAP APO and SAP ERP system).
    • CIF needs to be setup with the Order Types which are identified to be reflected on the APO Planning Board as well as the System Condition field and any other relevant selection criteria.
    • Note: The way we had it setup was that if the System Condition field was set to ‘0’ (not in operation) by the user then the maintenance order will be displayed on the APO Planning Board. For us setting the system condition field was a manual job.
      You do not want to flood the APO planning board with all maintenance orders hence, the need to manage it through the System Condition field manually and only reflecting those maintenance orders where there is a need for the production equipment to be stopped for maintenance.
  • Below screenshots show how the APO Planning Board will look if the System Condition was set to ‘0’ on the maintenance order, then if it was set to ‘1’ and finally, if the system condition was just left blank on the maintenance order.




  • After the setup is complete and the integration between SAP APO and SAP PM is working you need to look at granting display only access to PM planners to the APO planning board through the following two transaction codes:
    • /SAPAPO/RES01 – Resource-Production Resource Display
    • /SAPAPO/CDPS0 – Detailed Scheduling Planning Board

The above setup will allow the Production Planners to have visibility to the maintenance schedule as well as the Maintenance Planners to plan maintenance around the Production Planning Schedule.

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  • Dear Khayyam,

    Thanks for the document.

    However we are facing the error code 664 ” Order XXXXX: Different dates for downtime” in APO while doing CCR.

    Have you faced such error ?


    Deep Dave

    • hey Dave,

      Sorry for the late reply, way too busy and haven’t been checking SCN.

      Anyway, the error code doesn’t ring a bell. It’s actually been a while I worked with SAP PM and APO integration, also I don’t have a system where I have SAP PM integrated with APO so can’t really check any settings etc. for you, so I’m afraid I can’t help on this occasion.

      If you do find a solution to the problem, please post it in SCN for future reference. Good Luck.



  • Dear Khayyam,

    Thanks for the document.

    By taking reference from your process, i have mapped the master data and scenario. But the problem is the PM order not reflecting in PP planning board or in Production resource.

    Have you use any development (BADI, User Exits) or any specific configuration to reflect maintenance order in APO, if yes please share the details.


    Kanchan Chaudhari

    • hey there,

      Can’t recall much as it has been 3 to 4 years but something around APO CIF setup rings a bell. The APO Consultant had asked for the Order Types and then configured / setup the CIF which allowed PM Orders to become visible on the APO Planning Board.

      Sorry, can’t help much more than this as I┬áhave not worked on this for a very long time.